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Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen tells HELLO! Online to get 'gutsy' in the bedroom

18 October 2012
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He first burst onto our screens in 1996 as a designer on Changing Rooms. Since, homestyle consultant Laurence LLewelyn-Bowen has gone on to conquer the world of interior design, establishing himself as one of the most well known in the industry. Now, he has joined forces with Littlewoods, having designed an entire home range for the high street retailer.


And HELLO! Online got the chance to chat with the flamboyant creator about the collection, the current trends in interior design and his advice for those looking to decorate. Tell us about your new range. This is the first time I've ever been trusted with the interior of the nation's homes and it's been great to be involved in. What I love the most is that this collection for Littlewoods provides a complete Laurence Llewelyn Bowen experience from floor décor to furnishings. The most thrilling thing about the range, for me, is that it really envisages romanticism, eclectism and opulence but in a way that everyone can relate to. Does it reference current trends?  Interior design to me is all about fashion and the catwalk. Fashion, the clothes we wear and the way we differentiate ourselves is what makes the trend. Interior design is the same, it is all about exploring and expressing your individuality and being theatrical with it.

Which room of the house do you most like decorating? The bedroom — it's a shrine of one's personality. As Brits, we are often keen to hold back on expressing ourselves through our interior design, as we worry what parents and neighbours may say. It's the upstairs/downstairs mentality — discrete and reserved downstairs and opulent and indulgent upstairs. The bedroom should be an area to let your hair down and be creative and romantic. Colour really reflects our mood, emotions and sexual tension – so it's important to be gutsy!


What would you suggest for someone looking to make a quick fix/cheap changes to a room? Colour! We are trapped in a colourless nation. We spend most of our days in between four white walls [Laurence is referring to the office], so it's important to escape this little white box. A touch of colour, be it a few cushions, rug, bed runner or wallpaper – they can transform a room – and are all available from my collection on What should you consider when decorating a room? Always try to express your personality and individuality. Your home should be a happy place that you feel comfortable in – so really make it your own. Should the different room colours coordinate? I think it's very dependent on the style of house you live in. This said, I like the 'doll house' decorating effect. It's important to infuse different colours and styles into design, so that when you move between rooms you switch moods. I would, however, recommend that some things stay consistent throughout the house: the ceiling colour/style, flooring texture/material or skirting boards.

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