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Prince Harry can't resist young polo fan

14 MAY 2012

Prince Harry keeps a little one entertained during a break from his charity polo match.

The royal bachelor couldn't help cooing over his friend's baby at the game in Ascot on Sunday.




Ever the joker, the young royal pulled a series of hilarious faces which gave the adorable youngster a serious case of the giggles.

The Prince also showed his soft side, reaching out to stroke the baby's head.



Meanwhile on the pitch, it was a family affair as Harry and his brother Prince William took part in the Audi Challenge Cup.

The Duchess of Cambridge turned up to support her husband and her brother-in-law, and even brought along puppy Lupo who charmed everyone as he bounded around the field.

Harry in particular bonded with the pooch, stroking him and planting a kiss on his head.


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