How to choose the perfect engagement ring

Buying an engagement ring can be a daunting process. Not only does it have to the perfect size, shape and colour, but it's a permanent symbol of you and your partner's everlasting love. It will probably be the most coveted accessory in your fiancée's jewellery box, alongside the actual wedding band.

But fear not. Salim Hasbani, director at Tresor Paris, has shared his top tips on how to select the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.


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Which is the most popular engagement ring diamond shape?

The most popular is most definitely the round brilliant cut, it's traditional and symbolises eternity – no end and no beginning. It's also simple which a lot of people tend to go for.

What are the most popular materials for an engagement ring?

In my opinion, 18 carat gold is the most popular metal. The majority of people go for white gold, especially in the last few years, but we are seeing rose and yellow gold coming back into fashion again. For the centre stone the diamond largely still reigns!

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What are the four C's and why are they important when purchasing an engagement ring?

The four C's are a diamond grading guide, an industry standard and a way to measure and evaluate diamonds.

Cut – The sparkle of the diamond really depends on how the stone is cut to reflect the light.

Colour – White diamonds sometimes have different tints of colour; colour D is the whitest and clearest diamond but of course rarer and more expensive. I wouldn't advise going below an H colour diamond as this is where the diamonds start to become tinted.

Clarity – Diamonds of course are all completely unique, and therefore often have inclusions. The clarity grades in the four c's refer to these inclusions.

Carat – The carat is quite simply the weight of the diamond and is a personal choice for an engagement ring.

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Should you do you research before buying an engagement ring? Where would you find this info?

Yes definitely, research is so important to finding the perfect engagement ring. The London Diamond Bourse has a lot of helpful information on diamonds.

It is also important to do your research on your partner's taste and ring size. You may be able to alter the ring after you buy, but this can be costly. It's worth asking about the store's return policy and be aware that often bespoke options cannot be returned.


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Where should you buy your engagement ring from? Should you buy online?

Again, do your research, you should really go to a jeweller or high street store you trust and see the ring. Seeing, feeling and touching are imperative to choosing the right ring for your partner.

What do you think is a good price range for buying an engagement ring?

Traditionally, it is said that you should spend about one to two months wages. The average we see is usually about £2,500 to £5,000 being spent on engagement rings, however there really is no limit. It is personal to the individual and what kind of ring they are after.

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