Mum-to-be Penny arrives hand-in-hand with her future husband. The glamorous pair came along to congratulate America's most celebrated interviewer on his 20 years with CNN
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Larry makes his entrance with his stunning wife Shawn Southwick and their son Chance
Photo: © Reuters

7 OCTOBER 2005

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If the dress she wore to her latest red carpet outing is anything to go by, Penny Lancaster is thoroughly enjoying being pregnant. The mum-to-be, who is expecting her first child in December, was proudly showing off her bump in a skin-tight strapless black creation when she arrived for a glitzy bash in Beverly Hills on Thursday night.

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She and her fiancé Rod Stewart were among the glamorous guests who went along to honour talk show host Larry King. The party, which was staged to mark 20 years of Larry King Live, was packed with American celebs and heavyweights from the world of television.

And Rod was by no means the only A-list veteran with a beautiful blonde on his arm, as Larry was likewise accompanied by his stunning wife. Shawn Southwick, who is the legendary interviewer's seventh spouse, wasn't about to miss her famous husband's moment of glory.

The presenter praised the many fascinating people he has met over the years. And given that he has interviewed every US president since Richard Nixon, along with a roll-call of the biggest names in showbiz, it was small surprise he found it difficult to respond when asked who was his most unforgettable encounter.

"It's pretty tough to choose a most memorable guest after 20 years, but the one who stands out the most was probably Frank Sinatra," he revealed. "I was a huge fan of his and we had a great time." When questioned as to who he would most like to get on the show in the months ahead, the 71-year-old didn't hesitate: "Prince Charles and Camilla is the next big interview I want," he affirmed.



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