Moore laughs for Harvard students as Julianne receives Hasty Pudding award

It's hard to work out who's having more fun at Harvard University's annual Hasty Pudding ceremony – honoree Julianne Moore or her drag queen companions.

The actress giggled through the proceedings when she was picked by the university drama society - the Hasty Pudding Theatricals - as their woman of the year.

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Julianne threw herself into the jollity, can-canning enthusiastically with the members.

In one of the more unusual assignments of her career, the 50-year-old was commanded to perform "three secret, delicious tasks" before she could receive her award.

These turned out to be a series of hilarious skits with the students.

The first involved her seducing Mark Zuckerberg, the internet billionaire, who founded Facebook at Harvard and whose story is the subject of Oscar contender The Social Network.

Played by Ryan P. Halprin, he complained he was having lady troubles and only liked girls from Boston Universty - Julianne's alma mater.


She was called upon to "silence" a lamb – a reference to her role in Hannibal which she did by reading from her children's book Freckleface Strawberry.

The horror film is a sequel to Anthony Hopkins' flick Silence of the Lambs.

Her last task was to make Virgina Woolf laugh – by chasing and tickling a student dressed as the celebrated author.

The sketch was a nod to Julianne's role in The Hours - a medidation on the Woolf's life and work.

Famous for its burlesque drag shows, the club has previously honoured luminaries such as Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway.