When Harry met Sally (met Twilight): Helen Mirren and Billy Crystal star in hilarious spoof

Ever wondered what happened after Harry met Sally?

Helen Mirren and Billy Crystal have teamed up to provide the answer in a special tribute to the 1989 romantic comedy.

But the sequel might not be quite what fans are expecting.

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Grampires: When Sharon Bit Harry has just been released on comedy website Funny Or Die.

And the wickedly funny tribute sends up popular culture's current obsession with vampires productions like Twilight and True Blood.

The four-minute clip begins with the City Slickers star and the film's director Rob Reiner pitching their ideas for a sequel.

An executive requests just one tweak. So they come up with a spoof trailer showing Harry moving into a retirement home after Sally – Meg Ryan in the original – has died.

There he falls in love with Sharon. She turns out to be a vampire and changes him into one too.

The couple then set about satisfying their thirst for blood in a number of hilarious ways. And there are plenty of nods to the original – including that famous deli scene.

Billy himself directed the video, which features a cameo by Mike Tyson.