Michael Jackson's three children bring 'joy' to kids' hospital

It's hard to believe that these are the same youngsters we saw looking so heartbroken at their father's memorial service.

In the two years since he died, Michael Jackson's children seem to have blossomed into happy, healthy young people.

Paris, who so impressed the world with an emotional tribute to her famous father, is now 13, and looks like a little lady. 

On Monday, she joined her brothers Prince, 14, and nine-year-old Prince Michael – also known as "Blanket" – in delivering artwork by their father to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.


The trio – accompanied by their aunt La Toya and grandmother Katherine – looked in good spirits as they handed over 10 pieces of art.

The sketches by the king of pop and a signed portrait of him were donated by Brett-Livingstone Strong, an artist and family friend, who had them in his private collection.

"You look at this, it makes you happy," said La Toya at the ceremony.


"They're whimsical, they're magical and there's just joy and peace," she continued.

"It will bring some type of joy to (the kids), and at the same time, I know it will bring joy to my brother as well."

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