Lionel Richie: rumours daughter Nicole Richie is splitting from her husband are 'completely untrue'

Rumours have been swirling for months that Nicole Richie was splitting from husband Joel Madden - but now her dad, legendary singer Lionel Richie, has set the record straight. "It’s completely untrue," Lionel tells HELLO! Magazine in the latest issue.

Speculation of a breakup came after movers were spotted at the couple's home in the Hollywood Hills. "They’ve bought a new house and the moving van was pulling up at their old house to move to the new one," explained Lionel.

"Hence the story they are breaking up."

Lionel Richie has defended her daughters marriage, admitting rumours of a split are untrue

Nicole, 33, and Joel, 36, met in 2006, and married at Lionel's Bel Air mansion in 2010. They now have two children together, Harlow, 7, and Sparrow, 5, and life in their household has never been happier, according to Lionel.

"I went over to the new place recently and there were the Pup-Pups – otherwise known as my grandchildren – running around all excited showing me their new yard and their new pool," he said.

But, the father-daughter-duo did discuss the breakup talk during their visit. He recalls: "'Aren’t you going to clear [the rumours] up?' I asked Nicole. 'Nah, it’s okay,' she said."

Nicole and Joel in 2014

The pair may not be speaking out against the rumours, but they were recently seen walking hand-in-hand to a U2 concert held in Los Angeles, and in 2014, Nicole opened up on adding more children to their family: "If it happens, it happens," she told Sirius radio.

"Of course, I'll be so excited, but I'm not necessarily planning. I'm so happy with what I have and I had more of course I'd be so happy. But right now, I'm good."

"She’s a seasoned Richie," Lionel continued, given ahead of his June 25 performance at London's prestigious Butterfly Ball event held by charity Caudwell Children, which supports disabled children and their families.

"But, as I said to Nicole, 'Rumour you don’t worry about. It’s when they print something and it’s true you need to worry.'"