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Robbie Williams reveals he has arthritis

Gemma Strong
Gemma StrongOnline Digital News Director
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Robbie Williams has revealed he has arthritis in his back, which has forced him to tone down his dance routines and stopped him from playing football. The 42-year-old singer opened up about his diagnosis in an interview with the Evening Standard this week, and said that while he wants to tour after his new album is released, his stage moves will be restricted.

"I've got arthritis in my back, so I can't put my foot through a ball," Robbie said. "I have very tight hamstrings, barely existent calves. I dance like a drunk dad at a wedding. But I've got to do something to fill the time on stage!"


Robbie Williams reveals he has arthritis

Robbie Williams has revealed he has arthritis in his back

The former Take That star also spoke candidly to the publication about the demons in his past, from his battle with addiction to his mental health issues. "There was always a lack of self-worth, a lack of confidence," he explained. "That's sort of driven my life. Both as a curse and a blessing. It's driven everything forward and keeps me moving forward, too.

"I also think that the neurosis is interesting. It's much more interesting to be a little bit broken and talk about your vulnerabilities. I don't have a choice either way, because I am built for oversharing."

Robbie Williams reveals he has arthritis in his back

The 42-year-old singer pictured with his wife Ayda Field

Robbie currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife Ayda Field and their two children, four-year-old daughter Teddy, and son Charlie, who will be two this month. "Having kids has completely focused my attention away from my neuroses and addictions," he added. "My life is tenfold better for it. Daddy goes to work and it all makes sense. This is my job. It's not a normal job. And having children has made it all make sense."

The British singer was speaking after being named music icon at the Attitude Awards in Covent Garden this week. It has also been revealed that he will receive the Brits Icon Award next month.

Robbie's new album Heavy Entertainment Show is scheduled for release on 4 November.

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