Olivia Colman reveals the real reason she's not on social media

It's why we’re encouraging people to say #HelloToKindness

She’s an award-winning actress who’s tipped for BAFTAs success on Sunday, but even Olivia Colman isn't immune to online trolls. The Favourite actress revealed she doesn’t have social media accounts because she isn’t "thick skinned" enough to deal with critical comments, and admitted that she has previously been driven “into a depression” after reading hurtful things about herself online.

Speaking on David Tennant’s podcast, Olivia explained: "I'm not on social media because I don't think I'm very thick skinned. People forget: they can put something into their phone about someone they've never met and it sends and they have no repercussions, no reason to think that they've hurt anyone. On occasion, I've read something I shouldn't have done and I'll stay awake, cry and go into a depression. In the grand scheme of things, it probably [wasn't even] that mean, but I am not able to cope with it."

Olivia Colman said she isn't thick skinned enough to be on social media

Olivia also said she couldn’t understand why people would want to spend their time being so unkind and critical of others. "I don't know if they think you have no feeling, no nerve endings, you're not a real person - I don't know what they think," she said. "I'm fortunate that it doesn't happen very often, but for some people, I don't know how they cope. I don't know why anyone would want to put themselves out there like that. I just find it distasteful."

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The Oscar nominee is not the only celebrity who wants to tackle internet trolls; stars including Phillip Schofield, Lorraine Kelly and Andrea McLean who have all spoken about the importance of being kind and have supported our #HelloToKindness campaign, which was launched in response to the growing number of abusive online comments we have seen aimed not only at celebrities, but also at other social media users who disagree with them.

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HELLO! is urging our readers to spread the #HelloToKindness message across social media and take a stand against online abuse. You can even make a stand by wearing it on your tee – as we’ve teamed up with premier London-based embroidery house Hand & Lock to design our first charity T-shirts.

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