Exclusive: Louise Pentland reveals Strictly Come Dancing hopes

Louise welcomed HELLO! inside her fabulous home


Louise Pentland opened the doors inside her beautiful Northamptonshire home to talk to HELLO! about her incredible career, which has seen her become an award-winning parenting and lifestyle vlogger. Louise's YouTube channel has 2.4 million subscribers, and she's just written the final instalment of her trilogy, Wilde Woman. And while the mother-of-two has ticked off many of the things on her career bucket list, there is still one thing that she would love to do – and that's following in YouTube star Joe Sugg's footsteps by appearing on Strictly Come Dancing. "It's my greatest wish. Just put me in some sequins and get me on that dancefloor. I would literally be a Sprinkle of Glitter," she told HELLO!


Louise Pentland would love to go on Strictly Come Dancing

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As a result of Louise's incredible career, she has met many famous faces, and has even brushed with royalty. The YouTube star told HELLO! about one of the "greatest experiences of her life" after meeting Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall at a Bookstart initiative. "It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. This guy at YouTube knew I had a soft spot for the royals, so when the opportunity came up to meet them for a Bookstart initiative, he invited me to join them. I was so excited that I barely slept the night before," she said. During the day, Louise made a video with Camilla about the importance of literacy skills among children. "She is the sweetest lady. She told me how much she loves reading to her grandchildren and that her son gives her a big pile of books every summer to take up to Balmoral," she said.

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Unfortunately, as Louise posed for a photo with the royal couple, she experienced an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. "I broke my skirt in front of Prince Charles. I’d recently had a baby and was holding my tummy in, but a button couldn’t take the strain. In my panic I turned to him and said: ‘Oh my God, Charles, my button’s popped off!’ He laughed and helped, in vain, to look for it on the floor." Louise was later invited to the Prince’s 70th birthday garden party at Buckingham Palace. "He and Camilla are such lovely, warm people. I'd genuinely enjoy having them over for dinner. I'm a terrible cook so we’d have to order in a Domino’s pizza."

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Louise's two daughters Darcy, eight, and Pearl, 17 months, often appear in her YouTube videos, along with her partner Liam – the father of her youngest daughter. On meeting Liam, Louise said: "Liam wanted children all his life but it never happened until he met me. I used to think: 'Who would want a slightly chubby mum with a crazy life?’ But there’s someone out there for everyone."

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Louise's new book, Wilde Women is out on 25th July 2019 (Bonnier Books)