Joanna Lumley talks candidly about depression and living a good life

She discussed struggling with depression with Jonathan Ross

Joanna Lumley has opened up about her battle with sadness and depression during a chat with Jonathan Ross on his show. The 72-year-old, who is starring in Joanna & Jennifer: Absolutely Champers on BBC Two on Friday night, spoke to the ITV chat show host about her outstanding acting career, bouts of depression and thoughts on living a good life. She said: "Occasionally I get eclipsed by sadness or depression, the black dog on your shoulder, and feel lousy for two or three months. And then one morning everything’s thrilling again." She later adds in the conversation: "You’ve got to have lived life to the full and been grateful."

Ab Fab fans will be delighted to hear Joanna also previously chatted to Jonathon about the show and the possibility of future episodes. She said: "Jennifer Saunders wrote it. It belongs to her. If she says she’ll do more, she shall and if she won’t - and she has said she won’t - then she won’t." The comedy duo last reunited as beloved characters Edina and Patsy for the 2016 film which starred multiple cameos from A-list stars including supermodel Kate Moss.

Joanna Lumley on Jonathan Ross

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Joanna also discussed her extensive travels around the world and how it affects her relationship with her husband, saying: "We are both independent. I love being on my own. When I’m away, I don't even phone home. Incidentally I come from a different generation where we couldn’t usually afford to phone home, so I’ve never been used to it. I like to write a postcard. I won’t phone, that takes your travelling head away from you… You don't want people keep phoning. If you're on the other side of the world it’s always the wrong time."

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