Dame Sarah Storey talks reaching her Paralympic dreams as she poses with her 17 medals

Sarah is Britain's most successful Paralympian

Dame Sarah Storey has posed with all 17 of her gold medals in an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO! magazine.

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Posing alongside her husband Barney and their children Louisa and Charlie, Britain's most successful Paralympian says that each one means too much to her.

"They represent a lifetime of work and commitment to something I have thoroughly enjoyed putting so much time and energy into," she tells the magazine. "They are all incredibly special and now to be able to share winning them with my own children is an even greater feeling that I could ever have imagined. Louisa and Charlie really enjoy being able to handle the medals – they are very careful with them, as they know how precious they are!"

Dame Sarah with her medals

Sarah says she could never have achieved her Paralympic dreams without the full support of Barney and her parents. "They are the foundations of making it all work," she says. "We juggle everything and it means I can do what I do. You know, they say it takes a village to raise a family… well, it really does!"

Former Paralympian Barney and Sarah divide up all the domestic duties equally - even choosing the children’s school shoes together via whatsapp messages during the Paralympics. "We share everything as a team. Cleaning and making sure the washing doesn't pile up are the things that get left in our house, so we can try to make sure everything else is done and that we're present with the kids."

And Louisa and Charlie have made it clear how proud they are of their talented mother. "Charlie keeps telling me: 'It's so good to have you back, Mum!' And Louisa has talked about how inspired she is by watching the competition. They both know what goes into being an athlete, they know we have to do a lot of training and all of that work pays off."

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