Great British Bake Off: behind the scenes

The Great British Bake Off is just days away from hitting the silver screen, and in a bid to whet the nation's appetites for the new series, producers have lifted the lid on some of the Bake Off's biggest behind-the-scenes secrets.

The hit show has the odd soggy bottom here and cut finger there, but apart from minor mishaps, GBBO is pretty smooth-sailing – thanks in no small part to all of the staff working busily in the background.

The Great British Bake Off hits screens on Wednesday, 6 August at 8pm on BBC One

GBBO's home economist Faenia Moore is charged with keeping an eye on all the contestants to make sure injuries are kept to a minimum. "We have new knives every year, and the knives are … good," she said.

"If [the contestants] are nervous and used to using crummy knives at home, and cutting, and talking to camera, I have to say: "Please watch your fingers."

"Last year it was carnage, but this year it’s been injury-free."

With so many baker hopefuls rustling up their best creations in the huge kitchen for every show, plenty of dishes need washing. The lady with this hefty task is Iva Vcelak.

Iva Vcelak will be in charge of keeping the 12 contestants' dishes clean

Because dishwashers are too noisy to run during filming, she must wash every pot, pan, baking tray and spatula single-handedly.

This year alone, in more than 160 hours, she washed around 1,000 cloths, used 80 sponges and 30 litres of washing up liquid.

It's called a "Bake Off", so naturally, the ovens are a key element of the show – which is moving to primetime BBC One on Wednesday for its fifth series.

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will be judging the baked creations on the Bake Off

To ensure all the ovens are in perfect working order before each series, a dozen Victoria sponge mixes are prepared and cooked… let's just hope the classic British bakes don’t go to waste.

Great British Bake Off, which starts on Wednesday, 6 August at 8pm on BBC One, will see 12 hopefuls battle it out for the baking crown.

There will also be a spin-off show called Extra Slice on BBC Two.