Meat Free Week: 10 vegetarian recipes

Meat Free Week is backed by celebrity chefs including Jamie Oliver and Mark Hix and is about inspiring us to make the choice to eat no meat for one week of the year. The Australian initiative encourages us to think about and understand our meat consumption – how much we eat, where it comes from, and the impact that eating too much of it can have on our health, animal welfare and the environment. In case you need a helping hand in branching out when it comes to going vegetarian, we've gathered our top pick of 10 meat-free recipes.

With all-time favourites such as pizza and pasta as well as healthy salads and creative dishes with lentils and chickpeas, seitan and tofu, you'll skip through Meat Free Week and be spoilt for choice along the way…


Tofu is a great meat alternative

Seitan and corn saute with cilantro and lime
With jalapeno, cremini mushrooms, fresh cilantro and fresh lime juice, this dish promises to burst with flavour.

Beetroot, walnut and grapefruit salad with goat's cheese
Sweet, earthy beetroot and tangy goats’ cheese are a classic combination. Buttery baby leaf spinach, fiery rocket and spicy watercress help cut through the goat’s cheese and highlight the sweetness of the beetroot.

Puy lentil, coconut and goat's cheese bake
This puy lentil bake containing butternut squash is made creamy thanks to coconut milk and topped off with grated goat's Cheddar.

Pies don't need meat when they're bursting with mushroom, chestnut and stilton

Gluten-free goat cheese and red pepper pizza
With a handful of fresh basil leaves, red pepper, goats cheese and sunblush tomatoes, this veggie and gluten-free pizza is a true winner.

Grilled halloumi burger with falafel
Burgers all round with this veggie options, which contains chickpeas, ground cumin, ground coriander and garlic cloves.

Falafel served in a pitta with salad and maybe a dollop of hummus is vegetarian, light and healthy.

Pizza's on the menu with this vegetarian and gluten-free recipe

Sweet chilli tofu stir-fry
This fresh, fast and delicious meal is packed with goodness, containing carrots, sugar snap peas, baby sweetcorn, a red pepper, pak choi, shitake mushrooms and tofu.

Butternut squash risotto
Who said risotto needed meat to be delicious?

Gnocchi with fennel and horseradish by Monica Galetti
Celebrity chef Monica says: "Gnocchi is so easy to make that after the first time you can start searing with many other flavour combinations, I like mine crispy but you can add them to dishes straight after blanching great for mid-week dinners as they will keep once blanched in the fridge for up to 3 days."

Mushroom, chestnut, stilton and cranberry pies
Tasty ingredients such as garlic, chilli, chestnuts and mushrooms mean pies no longer need meat to be delicious.