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Chrissy Teigen goes to extreme lengths to source ingredients for her baking

The model needed six bananas for her baking

Chrissy Teigen Cravings launch

Chrissy Teigen wasn't letting anything stand in the way of her baking banana bread on Thursday! The model turned to Twitter to crowd source some brown bananas from her 7.5 million followers - and offered some unique gifts as an incentive for the trade, including her husband John Legend's underwear.

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"If you have 6 BROWN bananas in the LA area, I will send my assistant to your home with a signed cookbook, John's underwear and a Becca palette," Chrissy tweeted as her appeal. "SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY. please send me a photo of u holding the bananas, giving the peace sign."

Chrissy Teigen appealed on Twitter to find brown bananas for her baking

After being inundated with responses, Chrissy revealed that she had managed to source five bananas from a fan nearby, writing: "Banana submissions are now closed. Thank you guys so much I will send the runners up some banana bread once done.

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"But the mum-of-one had a special request from the woman who was providing the bananas, writing: "Just for safety, my assistant asks that u taste a small piece of the banana in front of her before making the trade." And it appears she was willing to do so, as two photos posted a couple of hours later showed the woman posing with Chrissy's mum, Vilailuck, along with the bananas and the gifts Chrissy had offered in exchange for them. "The deal has been done. Thank you, @bymeg!!!" she tweeted.

Chrissy exchanged a signed cookbook in exchange for the bananas

However banana-gate didn't end there; when it came to baking her banana bread, Chrissy soon revealed she needed even more fruit, and once again returned to social media to source the ingredients. Luckily a fan named Jake was on hand to make a trade, and Chrissy was able to resume her baking. "This is no longer my banana bread. This is *our* banana bread," she joked.

Chrissy showed off the completed cake a few hours later

Chrissy said she was "so happy" to show off the finished result several hours later. "I've made it 10x this month. Different variations. Flavor combos. Banana hacks. It is finally over," she tweeted. Let's hope it was worth the wait!

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