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You can now enjoy gin and tonics with ZERO hangover

Sort of.

gordons ultra low alcohol gin tonic

The amount we LOVE a gin and tonic is roughly inversely proportional to the amount we despise hangovers. Sure, a tangy G&T served over ice with a wedge of lime is the perfect summer tipple when you’re hosting a barbecue, but one too many and the next day it’s our head that feels like it was laying on hot coals, and a dry mouth that you can’t just blame the salty foods on. Well, Gordon’s has the medicine. Sadly, not a medicine for after you’ve made the bad decisions, but rather an option to prevent the hangover.

gordons ultra low alcohol gin tonic

This new product could save your summer hangovers

Their new ultra-low alcoholic gin and tonic promises all the flavour of your favourite drink, but perfect for those who are choosing not to have alcohol. Although it does still contain 0.5% ABV for a serving, that’s still much less than the usual alcohol content of around 5%. Imagine - you could have ten gin and tonics if you want. Each bottle contains just 68 calories too, so if you’re cracking them out at a barbecue, you can definitely indulge in another hot dog

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You can find them in two flavours (lime or grapefruit) and the bottles cost £1.49 each or £4.99 for a multipack. So why not stock up for your next summer party? We’re definitely not saying to give up Pimm’s and sangria completely, but if you have a few of these in between, you’ll probably be thanking us in the morning. However, the only issue we really have is that you may accidentally buy these when you’re after the real deal. So be careful when you’re doing your party shop...

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