Who needs Terry when you've got chocolate orange gin?

It’s ours. Definitely ours.

We know we shouldn’t love Terry’s chocolate orange quite as much as we do, but there’s something about that tangy chocolate that reminds us a little bit of Christmas, a little bit of our childhood, and a little bit of Dawn French that makes it totally irresistible. However, now we’ve grown up a little (in body, not mind), we feel like we should opt for slightly more adult treats than our kiddy favourites. But fear not, if you’re wanting to treat yourself to a nostalgic favourite but still make it Saturday-night appropriate, then this chocolate orange gin could be just the thing…

Not Terrys Chocolate Orange, £29.99

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Firebox is selling a ‘Not Terry’s’ gin liqueur that apparently tastes just like the real thing - but it’s lower in sugar (hooray!), and is suitable for cocktails. And it means you can almost be smug when you politely decline dessert and suggest a gin and tonic instead, because wouldn’t it make the perfect substitute for a chocolate pudding? It’s apparently crafted with 100% natural botanicals, and costs £29.99 online, which is the same price as most birthday cakes - but it’s definitely more fun to have to have a shot of liqueur over a boring slice of cake.

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Apparently it goes brilliantly with coffee, creme de cacao, and vodka, but is even better just by itself. Yum. However, it is 20% ABV so perhaps make sure it doesn’t slip down too easily if you’re planning a big night, because although we are definitely guilty of finishing off a chocolate orange to ourselves, we sadly cannot condone drinking an entire bottle of liqueur. Which means you just need to find someone to share it with. Hands up who wants to join us?

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