Wine connoisseurs: Blue ‘Vindigo’ is the latest French wine to come to the UK

Roses are red, but this wine is blue

Although we’ve never been disappointed with red, white, or rose wine, sometimes we can’t help but get excited at a brand new drinks trend. And we’re not talking Aperol Spritzes or Frose (they’re almost old news) - we’re talking your favourite glass of vino being a rather vibrant shade of blue. The latest French wine to land on your dinner table may look like it deserves a spot in your cleaning cupboard, but is rapidly gaining popularity - so are you brave enough to try?


The bright blue wine may look scary, but apparently tastes great with seafood

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French entrepreneur René Le Bail aims to convert wine-loving France to blue wine by launching ‘Vindigo’, which apparently has aromas of cherry, blackberry, and passion fruit. It pairs best with seafood and oysters, making it the ideal summer tipple (not just for your Instagram feed by the pool - but imagine those blue hues together…). And don’t be scared by the pictures that look a little off-putting, as the bright turquoise hue is natural, and all down to the grape skin. ‘Vindigo’ wine is actually a Chardonnay white, which is put through red grape skin pulp, and turns it into its signature colour. Around 35,000 bottles of the €12 blue vino went on sale in Sète (a city in the South of France), and Le Bail now aims to export the bizarre looking booze to the UK, China, Indonesia, Italy, and Belgium - so it could be at a dinner party near you very soon.


'Vindigo' will be coming to the UK very soon

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Although the colour more resembles the alcopops usually favoured with teenagers, we shall definitely taste it with an open mind. Plus, we don’t usually need an excuse to head to southern France and sample wine, but this turquoise tipple certainly helps…

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