Starbucks’ new cheesecake frappuccinos are the summer drinks we all needed


After a long winter of ordering Americanos just to keep our hands warm, we have welcomed the heatwave to satisfy our frappuccino cravings. Which is why we are pretty excited to try the new collection in Starbucks, where they’ve made the popular ice blend drink taste like our favourite cheesecake flavours. What better way of fulfilling both your caffeine addiction and your sweet tooth, and only needing one short afternoon errand?


The new flavours have got our mouths watering

Starbucks introduced the three new flavours for the summer, and you’ll definitely have one to suit your taste buds. For those of you who don’t swear by coffee, there’s a blueberry cheesecake option for your frap to have a fruity twist. And for those who prefer a more traditional frappuccino, there’s caramel cheesecake and mocha cheesecake, which both have a coffee base. But of course, for those of you who aren’t fussy with your fraps, you have the whole summer to try all three and decide a favourite (and may need a few samples, of course). They are all topped with a biscuit crumble for that true cheesecake feel, but you can slurp them on the go - a perfect hybrid? You can also opt for a dairy alternative such as soy, coconut, oat, or almond milk, so there’s definitely an option for everyone.

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They’re available Starbucks stores nationwide so it’s worth grabbing a colleague and checking out your local in your lunch break - and we’d confidently say that they’re definitely best enjoyed in the park, not your air conditioned office. If you think that you might be too tempted to make them a regular indulgence, each flavour also has the option to skip the whipped cream and have it made with skimmed milk and a light base (although we still wouldn’t recommend having them daily). For the mini size (at £3.50), the blueberry flavour is 119 calories, the mocha flavour is 101 calories, and the caramel one is 106 calories. But perhaps on Friday there’s no harm in treating yourself to an extra bit of cream - for making it through the week in a stuffy office while the sun is shining...

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