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'Kate and Cara's energy was explosive': Mario Testino talks working with the supermodels for My Burberry

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CEO Christopher Bailey and fashion photographer

Mario Testino

have revealed what it was like working with

Kate Moss


Cara Delevingne

on their iconic My Burberry campaign. "

We wanted to work with two of our iconic Burberry girls

," revealed Christopher, discussing why the two supermodels embodied the story he was trying to convey for the new perfume.

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Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne pose in the campaign for Burberry's fragrance

Mario revealed that they wanted to 'bring Burberry to the people', and that

Kate was the perfect person to communicate this, having come from very little, to becoming one of the world's most recognisable faces

. The 59-year-old added that

Kate's energy was complemented by Cara

, and that

Christopher had been 'seduced by her energy'

when he chose to have her as the face of Burberry in 2011.

Kate and Cara with Mario Testino on the front row at the Burberry Spring 2015 show


When we put Kate and Cara together for this campaign for My Burberry it was amazing, the energy, it was explosive

," he added. The stylish men revealed that at the heart of the campaign was the classic Burberry trench coat, as it is such a representation of the entire brand. The video shows the two striking models playing underneath it as they spray the scent at each other. Christopher admitted that

he wanted to make sure they didn't capture "Kate and Cara the models, but Kate and Cara the people

." As for the fragrance, Bailey wanted it to appeal to everyone. He chose Kate and Cara as he knew they would bring personality and life to the images by joining the forces of two such icons,

which has resulted in an iconic yet modern campaign for the British heritage brand


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