Khloé Kardashian wears red version of sister Kim's Lanvin Met Ball dress

Khloé Kardashian looked every inch a silver screen siren as she attended the Oscars 2015 in a scarlet Lanvin gown. But HELLO! Fashion soon realised that we've seen the gorgeous ball gown before...

Khloé's sister Kim Kardashian wore a midnight blue satin version of the gown to the Met Ball back in 2014.



Khloé wore a beautiful red gown by Lanvin

The two sisters had styled their dresses differently, however. Kim wore hers with black strappy sandals while Khloé sported nude stilettos.

It's no surprise that the sisters are wearing the same design – they, along with their other sisters, are known for sharing clothes.

Khloé was spotted several times last year wearing Kim's black £700 Givenchy boots.



Sister Kim Kardashian had worn the midnight blue version of the dress to the Met Ball in 2014

And then-pregnant Kourtney posted a photo on Instagram of her wearing a boho-style shift dress.

"Shout out to my fashionista sister @kyliejenner for letting me borrow your dress AKA I stole it and you had no idea but for not freaking out when you see me wearing it," she wrote.

Back in 2013, Khloé told HELLO! Fashion that Kylie is the worst for borrowing their clothes.

"All I hear from everyone is 'Kylie where are my shoes or where is my sweater' but she is the youngest so I think that's what she expects!" she told us.

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