Gigi Hadid has lots of thoughts about Making A Murderer

Gigi Hadid has finished binge-watching Making A Murderer and has lots of thoughts to share with the world.

The model took to Twitter to give her feeling on the series, revealing that it left her with lots of unanswered questions.

Starting her series of tweets about Steven Avery, the man accused of murder in the Netflix show, Gigi warned: "Heads up: I want to voice my opinion about Making A Murderer, so if you haven't finished it yet, don't read the tweets to follow this one."


The star was spotted at a Maybelline event on Monday night

She added: "I don't understand how the jury had no doubt beyond reason that all this evidence added up and/or didn't contradict each other."

Turning her attention to Steven's nephew Brendan Dassey, Gigi seemed to be genuinely touched and saddened by the case.

"What's hardest for me is seeing a 16 year old kid, now in his mid 20s who clearly doesn't have the tools to deal with this situation," she wrote.

"There should be laws that protect people like Brendan Dassey. It breaks my heart that he hasn't yet been granted retrial."


Returning to Steven's case, she said: "Unless the technology has processed enough to test the blood again, I think the only way Steven will be granted retrial is if... someone who actually knows what happened comes forward and does the right thing.

"And that makes me so sad bc corruption in that law enforcement community is obvious to me. They will clearly do anything to silence someone."

Giving away her opinion on the pair's innocence, Gigi wrote: "I almost hope I'm wrong and they are guilty, because knowing they're probably going to sit in jail for the rest of their lives makes me sick.

"I hope parents of kids with similar cognitive disabilities to Brendan's see #MaM & learn from/prepare that child to stand up for themselves.

She concluded: "I just feel so much is missing from the #MaM case. Even if SA is guilty, they should have had at least some unquestionable evidence."

Shortly after, Kim Kardashian revealed that she had set up a Netflix account to "see what this Making A Murderer is about."

Gigi quickly replied: "On standby for emotional support @kimkardashian."