How you can get Alicia Vikander's luscious locks

Hollywood stars pay thousands of dollars with private hairdressers or top Los Angeles salons to get their tresses tip top, something most of us mere mortals can't afford...

Until now. Alicia Vikander, star of the Danish Girl and Oscar nominee, has been showing off her luscious locks as she does the press rounds this award season.

And we can reveal that the secret to her gorgeous flowing hair is extensions by Vixen & Blush – a London salon!


The actress has been visiting the extension specialist for three years, vowing never to trust anyone else with her mane.

"I have been a loyal client of Vixen & Blush for three years and will never go anywhere else for my hair extensions," Alicia tells us.

"I am often asked to change my hair for roles and now insist on having my hair extensions done in London by Danielle at Vixen & Blush as she is the only person I can trust to apply them safely.


"Having had bad experiences in my past, I know the difference and know that it's worth making the effort to travel for my hair. I want my hair to look natural and am asked to have my hair in certain styles for each role and I have been able to trust Danielle the whole time."

Vixen & Blush have two London salons – one near Oxford Circus and one on Shoreditch.

Depending on hair type and preference of the client, they offer two types of permanent extensions: Micro Rings, a super safe method using tiny copper ringlets to fit the strands of the hair, and Micro Bonds, great for finer hair as the miniscule, translucent bonds are applied using soft glue. Both last for three – four months.


Vixen & Blush also offer clip-in extensions, a great boost for a night out without the hassling of dealing with them the next day!

For a free consultation, call Vixen & Blush Clapham on 020 77 388 388 and Vixen & Blush Shoreditch on 0207 729 6263. Visit for more details.