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Why Hailey Baldwin doesn't like being compared to Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner

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With their burgeoning modelling careers and huge social media following, Hailey Baldwin has a lot in common with her friends Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, but she isn't ready to be compared to them just yet.

The 19-year-old has admitted she doesn't consider herself a supermodel, telling PeopleStyle: "I'm not on the same level as Gigi and Kendall. We're not in the same place in our careers."


Hailey Baldwin has said she is not ready to be compared to Gigi and Kendall

Hailey also responded to comments recently made by Stephanie Seymour, who suggested that the new generation of models weren't true supermodels.

"That was never said about me, but I think for [Kendall and Gigi], the truth of the matter is it's a new day and age," Hailey said. "No one is trying to disrespect the models from that decade and era, but they are the new faces of the modelling generation along with Karlie Kloss and other big supermodels.

"So, unfortunately, people can say what they want but they're still gonna step on the same runways as any other big supermodel this day and age."

Kendall Jenner designed Hailey's new tattoo

Hailey, Gigi and Kendall recently enjoyed some downtime together, making a seriously stylish outing as they headed for lunch at Nobu in New York. However Hailey admits they don't actually get to see each other as often as they may like due to their busy modelling careers.

"We don't hang out that often!" Hailey admitted. "We're all friends. We all have the same job, but we aren't together that often, especially as a trio.

"I see Kendall more often than anybody, but it just so happened the three of us were in town at the same time."

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