20 things you never knew about Sex and the City


The new Instagram account that catalogues every outfit ever worn on Sex and the City has reignited our love for the hit TV show.

So we decided to unearth some little-known facts about the series... How did we not know all of this?!  

  1. The tutu Carrie wears during the opening sequence came from a bargain bin – it only cost $5!


  2. Sarah Jessica Parker, who played Carrie Bradshaw, was the only one of the four main actresses whose contract stated she would not appear nude on screen.

  3. Carrie was supposed to be brunette! Just 24 hours before the pilot was shot, producers changed their minds.

  4. And Cynthia Nixon, who plays Miranda, is naturally blonde – she dyed her hair ginger for the role.

  5. Kim Cattrall turned down the role of Samantha twice before being persuaded to take it.


  6. Willie Garson, who plays Stanford, was set up on a blind date with Sarah Jessica years before Sex and the City was filmed. The pair are close friends in real life.

  7. Victoria Beckham was offered a cameo role in the first film, but had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts with Spice Girls tour rehearsals.

  8. After Miranda and Carrie got cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery, the cafe became so popular that it had to employ a bouncer.

  9. Sarah Jessica spotted Carrie's medicine cabinet at a flea market before filming began. She didn't buy it, but later decided to go back for it – there she was told that it had been sold to "some TV show". When she turned up to filming, the cabinet was there!

  10. None of the main four characters repeat a full outfit throughout the entire TV series, until the final episode when Carrie wears a fur coat from the first series.


  11. Matthew McCongaughey had a role in the episode Escape from New York. However, the cameo was originally written for Alec Baldwin – he turned it down, so it was offered to George Clooney and Warren Beatty, who both said no, before finally being given to Matthew.

  12. When Samantha runs into Phoebe, played by Geri Halliwell, on the street, they are standing outside of Soho House and mention it in conversation. While the scene was being filmed, David and Victoria Beckham were inside the private members' club.

  13. The first dog who played Pete was scared of John Corbett (Aidan) so they had to find a new dog!

  14. In the scene where Trey and Charlotte get engaged at Tiffany's, the store would not allow a crew inside for security purposes. So the show made a fake Tiffany's window – but the store sent an employee to approve the look before it was shot!

  15. The fifth season only has eight episodes because Sarah Jessica was pregnant in real life.

  16. They didn't finish filming the very last episode until Wednesday, and it aired that Sunday!

  17. Carrie asks a whopping 92 questions during the series.


  18. In the episode before she moves to Paris, Carrie muses: "Is it time to stop questioning?" This is her final question – she doesn't ask anything in the last two episodes.

  19. In 2012, the apartment Carrie lived in sold for $9.65 million.

  20. In the first movie, Carrie visits the library and takes out a book entitled Love Letters of Great Men. This book didn't actually exist at the time, but fans were so desperate to get their hands on it that it was published.