David Beckham reveals his fashion icons and discusses his 'very casual' style


David Beckham has opened up about his personal style, admitting he feels most comfortable when he is dressed down in t-shirts and jeans.

The 41-year-old, who is the face of H&M's Modern Essentials campaign, said he is particularly inspired by the style of two iconic American actors.


David Beckham said James Dean and Steve McQueen are his style icons

"I've always been a huge fan of Steve McQueen, and people like that, and James Dean," David told People. "People like that I always look at their style and it's just effortless. Most of the time it's just a plain white T-shirt and a pair of jeans, but they make it look good."

Although David does enjoy dressing up, he confided that he is a "very casual" dresser at heart.

"I love to wear smart suits, and I like to feel smart when I go out for dinner but I also much prefer to wear jeans, T-shirts, trainers, boots, vintage boots and that's kind of how I dress every single day," David said.

David said he likes to feel smart when he is going out

The father-of-four often wears pieces from H&M's Modern Essentials collection, and stars in the latest campaign for the range alongside comedian Kevin Hart.

In an amusing video released on Monday, the pair decide to go on a road trip to Las Vegas together, where they plan to pitch I, Beckham The Musical to producers.

However it is far from an easy journey, and the duo find themselves getting in to a range of mishaps and misdemeanours, resulting in them being left with just the essentials – David's Modern Essentials clothing collection, that is.

David said in a statement: "I loved shooting the first campaign with Kevin so much, we just had to do a sequel. This time we've pushed the story even further. I hope everyone likes it, we certainly enjoyed filming it."

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