The Christmas Party-Wear Fashion Trend Guide from HFM

Don't know what to wear for the office Christmas party, all of those festive gatherings or the mulled wine sessions building up this party season? Well Laura, the junior fashion stylist at HELLO! Fashion Monthly, is here to help as we bring you her top tips for dressing for party season AW16 from our December 2016 issue. Watch the video below for expert styling advice on this season’s top partywear trends.

Renaissance Dresses

Inspired by period dramas like Downton and Victoria, they’re brocade they’re quite glamorous they’ve got really nice prints usually. So it is always a great stand out option to have.

Style tip: If you didn’t want to try the whole look you can opt for bags like this Christian Louboutin, beautiful red velvet back base with really nice gold applique on the front. If you’re wearing a simple outfit you’re still nodding to the trend without being a little bit too OTT.


Contrasting Textures

Don’t be afraid to mix textures. Contrasting different fabrics. In this case we have a Lanvin look straight from the catwalk; we’re mixing soft silks with lace. You can even wear them as separates, so if you paired this with a crisp white shirt that would still have the same effect

Style Tip: For party season you want something a bit more special, so a full co-ordinated outfit here is the perfect look.

Mixing silhouettes

Mixing structure with a bit of ruffle like this Ralph Lauren blazer to add a little bit of juuge. Don’t be afraid of sheers (not the garden type). In this case we have a Philosophy dress, it is probably the one season you can afford to be slightly more sexy. I don’t think many people would want to go fully naked so you have to invest in the right underwear

Style tip: Get really nice flat non padded bras and just a really nice knicker and you can wear it like that, or, just get a really nice slip dress to wear underneath, it all depends on how daring you want to be.


Party Shoes

If you’re going to go for more of a sandal, this Rupert Sanderson pair are really beautiful with a feather detail and they’re in a nice pink so they can dress up even a navy dress

If you’re more of a boot girl these are Vivetta . They still add that party wear element so you’ve got the detail and they’re in a patent which often works better for evening wear.

Style tip: You can actually wear quite a simple outfit but if you accessorise with the right thing it can really update your look.

Statement Jewellery

Think outside the jewellery box this season and opt for something slightly different but that will still give you the statement that you need to make the wow factor.

Style tip: Do what Dolce & Gabbana did and opt for an amazing headband (but maybe don’t do what Laura did and wear it like that…!)

This video was taken from the December issue 2016. For more shopping inspiration, styling tips and all the latest fashion, check out our fashion trends page, or follow us on Instagram!

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