Top 5 gemstones to wear over Christmas

You need to treat your jewellery just like you do your wardrobe and choose carefully according to the seasons – especially during the festive period!

Here are five top gemstones for Autumn/Winter from online jewellery brand Diamond Boutique, an online retailer that offers a completely personalised service, guaranteed to make you stand out at those Christmas parties...

1. Diamond
Diamond is clearly a classic choice amongst many and can be worn all year round. But it's particularly fitting at Christmas, with its flawless sparkle. Bonus – you can wear it with anything.


2. Blue Sapphire
The Blue Sapphire, which is the September birthstone, is a beautiful deep and enticing blue colour. Tones of blue are often very popular across this time of year, typically as winter can be associated with this rich colour. The stunning blue sapphire also has a rather nice majestic feel to it.


3. Ruby
For a very royal approach to winter, the Ruby is a stunning choice to make. The rich and warm hue of the stone has a very Christmas feel to it.


4. Aquamarine
The Aquamarine is quite the opposite of the Blue Sapphire – against the Sapphire’s deep, tantalising hue, you have the gentle and calming blue hue of the Aquamarine. It is a lovely natural colour and, similarly with the Diamond, is a perfect fit for your winter ensembles.


5. Tanzanite
If you want something aside from the classic blue and clear hues, our final pick is opting for the striking Tanzanite gemstone. The gorgeous deep blue-purple tones in the stone really dazzles in the spotlight.