My Victoria's Secret diary: A first-hand report of the famous fashion show

We get to do some pretty cool stuff in our job as journalists, but my Victoria's Secret experience has to be the best thing I've ever done!

Sitting on my stunning Parisian balcony eating croissants (yes I was freezing but I needed a good Instagram snap - you get me) with a incredible view of the Eiffel Tower on Wednesday morning, I was intrigued about the day ahead...

The view from my beautiful Parisian balcony

My first stop was backstage at the Victoria's Secret show. After around 10 security checks - I was told that everyone was on high alert after the Kim K Paris incident - I entered the Grand Palais, a majestic and stunning Parisian venue where the Chanel shows are usually held.

My official VS credentials

I was ushered backstage where I was met with an explosion of pink! All the angels, clad in pink robes open to show off pretty silver lace bras, were lined up on their Victoria's Secret chairs getting their make-up done.

I spotted Gigi Hadid out of the corner of my eye and made a beeline for her - there was no stopping me! She wasn't doing up for doing an interview but she did ask if I wanted a selfie. I told her no thanks, I was too busy.

...Just kidding, obviously. I whipped my phone out and she snapped around ten pics of us - you can see from the beam on my face that this was a pretty exciting moment for me!

My Gigi selfie!

I wished her good luck, ignored the urge to look at the selfies, and made my way over to see her sister Bella - who was so sweet! She seemed a bit shy and nervous, but told me that having Gigi there made all the difference. Those girls genuinely seem like best friends and it was lovely to hear Bella saying such kind words about her older sister.

Bella was so sweet and happily posed up for photos

Next up on my To See list was Alessandra Ambrosio. She hadn't had her make-up done yet, so was very firm about not being on camera. I get it though - I barely let my family see me without make-up, never mind the world.

My time slot was up, so I took some quick snaps of the food, the rows and rows of hair extensions, and was ushered out by a PR... Not before getting a snap in the famous chair, though!

Of course I had to get a snap on one of the famous chairs 

Backstage done, it was time to get ready for the actual show... Which should be easy enough, right?! No. No, it wasn't. I had a pretty major wardrobe malfunction - the jumpsuit I had decided on after hours of trying on before arriving in Paris ripped all the way down the back as I was leaving my hotel room.

But although nearly all of it had ripped away, the zip was still intact at the top so I was stuck. Cue 20 minutes of panic and eventually a call to reception asking if someone could come to my hotel room with scissors... I had to be cut out.

Once I'd been freed from my doomed jumpsuit, I plumped for the second option I'd (luckily!) brought with me and headed out.

The outfit option that was not completely torn

After some more intense security checks, I had a quick glass of champagne (well-needed, post-jumpsuit debacle) and took my seat inside the seriously impressive Grand Palais.

I had the perfect spot for people watching, so I got to work on celeb-spotting. Lenny Kravitz was front row, in a pair of corduroy flares, and was seated next to Balmain's creative director Olivier Rousteing and Yolanda Foster, Gigi and Bella's mother.

I was just about  beginning to get a headache from all the squinting and staring when the lights went down... Showtime!!

The Grand Palais had been turned pink for the evening!

The first musical act up was Lady Gaga, who was totally incredible. She was as kooky as ever and (very bravely) wore her signature 10-inch Alexander McQueen heels. This induced some nerves in me but it was pretty fascinating to watch.

It's crazy to see the models on the runway - they really do look other-wordly. They're so tall, thin and incredibly beautiful, it's mesmerising.

There was a huge cheer when Gigi stepped out - she looked right at home on the famous runway, giving major sass as she strutted her stuff in the skimpiest of ensembles.

The best thing, however, was watching her mum Yolanda, who couldn't have looked any prouder of her girls. She cheered and whooped and I even saw her brush away a tear when she first saw Bella - so sweet!

The next musician was The Weeknd, who also happens to be Bella's ex-boyfriend. #awkward

The pair handled the situation like pros, however, and Bella kept her eyes ahead as she sashayed down the catwalk.

The angels looked totally incredible on the famous runway

So there's something I need to tell you about Bruno Mars, who was the last musical act to perform...

He was wearing heels. Well, heeled boots. And Louboutin heeled boots, no less - that red sole did not go unnoticed. He was brilliant but I couldn't take my eyes off the boots.

I was gutted when the show ended - it was incredible to watch such a production close up - but we still had the after party!

The after party was a bit more exclusive and you had to have a special gold glittery Victoria's Secret wristband to get in. It was upstairs in the Grand Palais and all attendees were met with trays and trays of champagne.

The after party pass was this gold glittery wristband - not sure when/if I'll take it off

Despite the abundance of alcohol, there was no food unfortunately. There were a few prawns on offer but that was our lot, so I made a mental note to source a burger/any sort of carbs after leaving.

The Angels began to arrive once they'd changed into their after party outfits. Alessandra looked amazing in a black lace catsuit and danced the night away with her friends in the VIP section.

I did one too many circuits of the party (I was starting to look weird) and decided I needed that burger asap, so headed home.

What a day - I'll never forget my Victoria's Secret experience, it was amazing and I loved every minute! Bring on next year.


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