Jenson Button and girlfriend Brittny Ward’s puppies tear up stunning LA home

The couple are still training their adorable Pomsky pups, who have their own Instagram account

Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon

Former F1 champion Jenson Button might have moved away from motor racing but he still has his hands full – trying to control the two Pomsky puppies he shares with stunning girlfriend Brittny Ward. The couple, who have been dating for a few months, live together in Los Angeles and have acquired two puppies, Storm and Rogue. Instagram pro Brittny has even set up their adorable doggies with their own Insta account.

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But talking to HELLO! online at the launch of jeweler Parham Ramezani’s new ‘Legacy Collection’, of which Jenson is an ambassador, the racing star admitted he and Brittny still have a way to go when it comes to puppy training. “Britnny lives in America,” Jenson said, explaining why she wasn’t present at the launch. “She’s looking after the dogs. We’ve got two Pomskys, half Pomeranians, half Huskys. Look at what the little one did when she got out of her cage,” he laughed, showing the video below. “She’s only 25lbs and she did that! Look what she did to our wall.” 


Rogue has been a naughty girl 😫🙈

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The hilarious video shows the aftermath of little Rogue’s cage escape – with wallpaper ripped off the walls and a load of post and papers ripped into tiny pieces. “This is what happens when you don’t secure your puppy gate,” Britnny says in the video voiceover as she surveys the devastation.


Jenson and Parham discuss jewellery

Jenson also revealed that he’s loving his new life, free from the restraints of a very strict Formula One schedule, and can’t get over the freedom he now has of being able to do what he likes – such as pop over to London to help launch his pal Parham’s collection at the Shangri La Hotel in London’s Shard building.

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“17 years I’ve lived on the Formula One schedule where you do 20 races a year, everything is around those races, so it’s nice to suddenly think, ‘I can do what I want this week',” he told HELLO!. Talking about his choice to become a brand ambassador for the luxury jewellery line he added: “I love the way they look. I’ve got two, a white gold which is probably my favourite, and a yellow gold. The platinum one is so heavy – it’s twice as heavy as the gold one, you need good muscles.” Asked whether he’d given Britnny one, Jenson admitted he hadn’t, because although she’d admired the pieces, she hadn’t asked for one herself. “She’s a polite girl, she didn’t ask for one,” he said. “She’d never ask for anything.”

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