Elle Fanning talks about the stress behind her glamorous red carpet appearances

The actress says she runs into a panic when it comes to transporting couture gowns

Actress Elle Fanning runs into a panic when it comes to the "very stressful" business of transporting couture gowns. The Beguiled star turned up to the Cannes Film Festival in May looking like an angel in a lilac Rodarte dress, but the 19-year-old beauty insists the build-up to her ethereal red carpet look wasn't glamorous in the slightest.

"I feel like if you need to bring the stuff, you have to just try to cram it in there (the suitcase)," she explains to InStyle. "That's what we (my styling team) did with Cannes. I don't know how we did it, though!"

"We had to bring a lot of the dresses with us (on the plane)," the teen recalls. "With the Rodarte dress I wore in Cannes, (Rodarte designers) Kate and Laura (Mulleavy) came over and helped put it in a duffle bag with all this tissue. The dress is entirely tulle, so we had to pack it with all this tissue.

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"I was like, 'Hopefully it won't do any damage!' But it worked. It was very stressful. It's like, 'Are these things going to make it (without damage)?' Everyone worries about that."

When she isn't primping for a red carpet event, Elle prefers to experiment with her style, using her 5ft 9in (1.8 m) stature to her advantage.

"I grew seven inches in a year when I was around 12," she shares. "You grow out of your clothes, you grow out of your shoes, and you're like, 'What's happening to my body?' It's a strange thing."

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But the painful growth spurt ultimately proved beneficial for Elle: "I have learned to really embrace (my height)," she adds. "I really enjoy being tall. If I could, I would want to be even taller! I'm a huge advocate of height!

"I've learned with height you can wear things that are bigger. You can buy a size up. (Clothing) can hang in a cool way and you don't necessary get drowned out. You can really handle a strong print. But it's all about the confidence."