Model of the Year Adwoa Aboah celebrates 'being different' in new campaign

The 25-year-old was crowned Model of the Year at the Fashion Awards 2017

Andrea Caamano

Adwoa Aboah is enjoying an incredibly successful week. Having just been crowned Model of the Year at the Fashion Awards 2017, the 25-year-old has released a short film, shot entirely on the Google Pixel 2 phone. In the film, which is part of Google's Ask More campaign, the fashion model and activist challenges people to think about what it means to ask more of themselves, and also of others.

"I've got a few questions. Normal? What even is normal? Why not just celebrate being different?" she says in the 20-second clip. She continues: "Stay curious, keep asking questions."

Speaking about the campaign, the Calvin Klein model said it had been  a "unique opportunity", explaining that it links to the message promoted by Gurls Talk, an organisation for young women she has founded, by "continuing the dialogue around open communication without stigma, censorship, and judgement".

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HELLO! Online caught up with the model earlier this week, shortly before she was crowned Model of the Year at the Albert Hall in London. Talking about her biggest fashion faux pas, Aboah - who has suffered from depression and drug addiction in the past, and is now sober - said: "When I drank and I used to have a hangover I used to pull a lot of fashion faux pas. I do a lot of mix-matching of patterns anyway, but I took it up another notch. It wasn't very good but I always think I like what I wear.

"Last year I was voted worst dressed and I thought I looked great!" she admitted.

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