Princess Diana's wedding dress designer is launching a brand new line

Iconic 80s style with a royal update

Laura Sutcliffe

Elizabeth Emanuel, along with her then-husband David, famously designed Diana, Princess of Wales's elaborate wedding dress - arguably one of the most iconic bridal gowns of all time. And her passion for creating couture continues. It has been announced that Elizabeth is set to launch a brand new fashion line, aptly titled Emanuel Mayfair. The 64-year-old told People magazine that the new fashion label will capture the iconic flair of the 80s, and will launch in February, after the mother-of-two received financial backing.


Elizabeth co-designed Princess Diana's dress in 1981

Elizabeth is now in the process of moving to a more spacious studio and has appointed a brand new CEO to her expanding team. "It will have the spirit of Emanuel from the days we made dresses some of the most iconic women of the time, like Elizabeth Taylor, Carolina Herrera and Joan Collins, but is taking it into the present," the British designer explained. Reminiscing further about that time, she added: "That whole period of time was wonderful... This will capture that but will also look contemporary and edgy. I'm bringing back the spirit in a new form after all these years."


Elizabeth is launching Emanuel Mayfair

Fans of Princess Diana's wedding dress will be excited to know that Elizabeth plans to focus on bridal fashion too. "We will concentrate on bridal wear and evening wear – things to get dressed up in, pieces that are handcrafted and made to order," she revealed. Diana's wedding gown was seen by over 700 million people worldwide and was made from exquisite silk, ivory, pure taffeta and antique lace. The train was a whopping 25 ft. long and boasted over 10,000 pearls and sequins.

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