Stacey Solomon reveals the ultimate Primark hack for getting the best bargains

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Leanne Bayley

On Tuesday, HELLO! Interviewed Stacey Solomon to discuss movies, hairy legs and Primark hacks. You’ve got to love this girl! In an Instagram Live, the 28-year-old revealed that she doesn’t aim for style over comfort, it’s definitely the other way around! She revealed to HELLO!: “Comfy! Anything that’s comfy and long enough to hide my hairy legs.”


If you follow Stacey on Instagram, you’ll know that she loves Primark - and even works with the fashion brand on paid partnerships. Whether she’s wearing a metallic suit for a red carpet event or a cool denim jacket for a festival or even a pair of chic tassel earrings, she always seems to get hold of the best pieces. How on earth does she do it? HELLO!’s Leanne Bayley asked her during the Instagram Live on Tuesday and she revealed it’s all about the time of day.

“I try and go really really early as soon as it opens because no one has been there yet,” she said.

“I go even before they open the tills, basically you can get there like 45 minutes early or half an hour before, and they haven’t opened the tills yet. It genuinely feels so good and you can scan around the shop with hardly anyone around.”


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Stacey Solomon wearing Primark at the Soap Awards

So there you have it, if you usually go to Primark on your lunch hour when there’s hundreds of people around, perhaps you need to go BEFORE work and get hold of all the best pieces that way.


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Stacey Solomon wearing Primark at Coachella

We were speaking to Stacey about her favourite movies because she’s the new ambassador for Films With Feels campaign . Top of her list for sassy movie heroines is Julia Roberts in Erin Brocovich because of the sass she brings to the screen.

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