16 OCTOBER 2007

A bevy of cinema's most glamorous blondes was out in force in LA on Monday night to celebrate the achievement of female talents. Leading the fair-haired troupe was silver screen legend Lauren Bacall, 82, who seemed to have plenty in common with 22-year-old fellow bombshell Scarlett Johansson as they chatted at the annual Women In Hollywood celebration.

Both beauties were being honoured for their contribution to the silver screen. “It’s great that the focus is on women, who are functioning, who are all working, who are productive,” Lauren told reporters, “I’ve always been in favour of that, and I’ve always known that women are capable of going as high as they want to.”

Others feted at the Beverly Hills bash included Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly, Superman’s love interest Kate Bosworth, Junebug star Amy Adams, director Julie Taymor and Diane Lane. “There’s a lot more opportunity for young women, and that’s great, and I like to think that I was there to help pave a few roads,” says Diane who began her career as a teen in 1979’s A Little Romance.

Blonde Aussie stunners, Alias actress Melissa George and Lost's Emilie de Ravin – who showed off an identical cropped and wavy hairstyle to Scarlett - added to the glamorous multi-generational guests at the event.

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Scarlett and Lauren were honoured for their achievements on Monday at the Beverly Hills event Photo: © Getty ImagesClick on photo for gallery
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Lost star Emile, 25, was also among the roll-call of influential Hollywood womenPhoto: © Getty Images
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Former rollerskating champ and Alias actress Melissa, 31, added to the glamorous blonde quotient Photo: © Getty Images