1 MAY 2009

Following his sartorial tribute to his role as Scotty at the London premiere of Star Trek - where he donned full highland gear, including kilt, sporran and Prince Charlie jacket - Simon Pegg revisited the Celtic theme with a tie made of 'flower of Scotland' tartan at a US screening this week.

The 39-year-old actor also delivered the cult programme's famous greeting, striking the Vulcan 'live long and prosper' hand salute as he arrived at the LA screening. With him on the red carpet were his starship co-stars and a host of Hollywood beauties, including expectant Heidi Klum.

Being Gloucester born, Simon apparently needed a little help when it came to getting his Scottish character's accent right. Fortunately his wife of four years, Maureen, is from East Kilbride and acted as her husband's dialogue coach on the LA set of the film.

"Obviously it's important to me that the Scottish audience accepts me as Scottish," Simon explained. "Also half my family are Scottish. And I want to be able to go there now and again without being booed."

In fact it was so important to Simon that he remained faithful to his character's roots, he made a few subtle changes of the culinary variety to the script. "I included square sausage," he revealed. "Unfortunately it got cut. But neeps and tatties made it."

Photo: Getty Images
Wearing a tartan tie in homage to the Scottish character he plays, Simon strikes the Vulcan salute at Star Trek's LA premiere
Photo: Getty Images
For the London screening, where he was joined by his Scottish wife-turned-dialogue coach, Maureen, he donned full Highland rig