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Made in Chelsea season 7: 5 things you need to know about the finale

The seventh series of Made in Chelsea ended with a bang on Monday night, as lovebirds Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton confronted the rest of the crew to stop meddling in their tempestuous relationship. Lucy Watson and Jamie Laing provided more drama with hints that their on-off romance could be "on" again. Read on to find out what else happened in the fire-cracking finale...

1. Binky and Alex put on a united front

The scorned beauty blogger and her boyfriend, who has cheated on Binky more than once in the past, start the episode by bickering, with Binky telling Alex that she still holds a grudge against him. The pair are on the mend by the end of the episode and confront the rest of the SW3 gang for meddling in their already fragile relationship. Alex, who is clearly under Binky's thumb and isn't allowed to drink alcohol unless she's present, addresses the cast, saying, "Can you please back off and let us be happy. I love this girl more than anything, I just wish you could support it." Binky shows a little more emotion, having a complete meltdown in front of her friends and shouting, "Can everyone just leave us alone?" before storming off with Alex in tow.

2. Jamie and Lucy spend the night together Viewers are shocked to hear that the former flames have spent the night together, but soon find out that "nothing happened". While Jamie confesses his love to Lucy yet again, the HELLO! Online blogger resists, pretending to be oblivious to the chemistry between them. "Friends again @JamieLaing_UK thanks for the cuddles," she wrote on Twitter during the episode.

3. Stevie and Stephanie go their separate ways

The cute couple-of-the-moment have an emotional goodbye, with news that Stephanie has to go back to the US now that filming has ended. The blue-eyed beauty wells up in tears, telling Stevie that he is "so different" to all the other guys she has dated, which includes co-star Spencer Matthews. Stevie pleads her to stay, saying that that way they'll both be happy, but alas, the California girl has to jet off.

4. Binky and Mummy Felstead have a tiff

Perhaps even more heartbreaking than Stevie and Stephanie's goodbye was Binky and her mum quarrelling over her relationship. The argument centres on cheating Alex, with Binky having a go at her mum for not contacting her, even though she had told her to back off and let her figure out her mistakes for herself.

5. Louise and Fordy's romance heats up

While Louise has had a couple of dates in the past series, her latest love interest could have real potential. The pint-sized star suggests a

Come Dine With Me

challenge, where she invites Fordy over for dinner and they take it in turns to cook up a lobster risotto. The pair hit it off and at the end of the episode, share a sneaky little kiss at the cast party.

The cast are currently filming the spin-off series

Made in Chelsea: New York

, and are making fans jealous with their perfectly Instagrammed photos of life stateside.

Here's what we can't wait to find out in the six-episode programme...

Is Binky still with Alex and how will she get on with the rest of the "rahs" following her outburst? Will Lucy and Jamie have a summer holiday romance? Will Stephanie fly over and surprise her Prince Charming Stevie? And how many American girls will Spencer charm with his poshest-of-posh accent?

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