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Made in Chelsea season 7: 5 things we learned from episode 7

Monday night's episode of Made in Chelsea provided the usual dose of catfights and awkward silences, but the drama was topped off with Binky Felstead and Alex Mytton's mega fight in the final minutes, after Binky finds out that her so-called boyfriend has once again been up to no good. Read on to find out five things we learned from episode seven... 1. Alex Mytton proved to be the show's most-disliked character While Binky hadn't fully taken back her cheating ex-boyfriend Alex, the pair were seen canoodling and getting rather cosy at the start of the episode. Things soon turned sour when more rumours emerged that Alex and close friend Spencer Matthews, a self-confessed lothario, had a little too much fun with a group of girls while Alex and Binky were on a one-week break. "How many girls?" Binky asked, to which Alex, who is prone to his "memory blanks" on nights out replied, "I can't remember." The episode ended intensely, with Binky wiping away tears and storming off, but not before slapping Alex in front of all their friends.

2. Lucy Watson feels "ganged up on" by all the Chelsea girls The HELLO! Online blogger, who is normally as tough as nails, had a moment when she confessed to close friend and old flame Jamie Laing that she felt "ganged up on" by all the other Chelsea girls. "Everyone hates me," said Lucy before bursting into tears. Her reasoning was that Louise Thompson and Rosie Fortescue had been going behind her back and spreading rumours about her, while she had also fallen out with Binky over Binky's "doomed" relationship with Alex. Jamie provided the cuddles, cheering Lucy up and showing that he still cares about his ex-girlfriend.

3. Stevie Johnson and Riley Uggla are going strong... or are they? Good boy Stevie has been showering his new girlfriend Riley with kisses and surprise visits, and at his birthday party Riley gave him a handmade card. When asked how his new romance is going by his friends, Stevie turned bashful and sheepishly said that everything was going well. However, in the preview for the next episode, Stevie is seen puckering up to Spencer's ex-girlfriend Stephanie Pratt, which caused quite the frenzy on Twitter.

4. Spencer Matthews really has dated every girl in Chelsea Spencer went to lunch with his ex-girlfriend Louise's little brother Sam Thompson, where he is introduced to Sam's new flame Christiana. It soon emerges that Spencer and Christiana have dated in the past, with their last kiss being a few days before they were re-introduced by Sam. Sam, who is keen to rekindle his romance with Christiana, asks Spencer not to "betray his friend" and go near her, but the City boy can't help himself and kisses Christiana again. When Sam finds out, he throws his drink over Spencer at Stevie's party.

5. Binky and Lucy try to make up and end up fighting

There's been a little tension between best friends Binky and Lucy, as the jewellery designer doesn't approve of Binky's relationship with Alex. The pair meet up to clear the air but end up arguing, with Binky calling Lucy "intimidating" and "arrogant" and in return, Lucy crying, for the second time in the episode, and saying that she will always be honest with her about her feelings towards Alex no matter what.

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