Love is in the air in MIC NYC finale

The finale of MIC NYC began with the boys wakeboarding along the Hudson river, cooling off in the hot New York sun.

Back on ground, Proudlock, Alik, Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews discussed Stevie Johnson's love triangle with Stephanie and Billie and Jamie suggested that the lothario hooked up with the former Hills star.

Conversation swiftly moved on to Alik's relationship with Louise, as the New Yorker admitted that he was falling hard for the Londoner and was trying to figure out a way of surviving a long distance relationship.


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Alik and Louise are heartbroken at the prospect of leaving each other

However, Spencer revealed how Louise soon became bored in her relationship with ex-boyfriend, Andy, and warned Alik of beginning a relationship with her.

Across town, Stephanie and Lucy enjoyed a day walking through the city, with Stephanie admitting that she hadn't kissed anyone since breaking up with Stevie and said that being with him was just like it was before their split.

When Stephanie and Stevie met up later that day, he said that he was going to chat with Billie and call it off so that he can continue pursuing his relationship with Stephanie.

"Now we can just move forward," said Stevie, before kissing the California beauty.

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Stephanie's arrival in the City has caused drama between Stevie and Billie

Wanting to enjoy their last week in the States, Louise, Rosie, Binky and Sam visited an ice cream parlour and enjoy the delicacies of New York.

Talking of continuing her relationship with Alik, Louise burst into tears at the thought of leaving her beau.

Later in the day, Stevie met with Billie for drinks and she admitted to him that she was annoyed that she found from other people out about his dates with Stephanie while she was in the Hamptons.

The Chelsea boy admitted that he wasn't over his ex-girlfriend and denied that anything happened with Stephanie while Billie was away.

"I refuse to be your rebound girl," said Billie, before walking away from Stevie.

The next day, Alik and Louise enjoyed an afternoon of painting together and Alik reavealed that the boys had warned him that their relationship wouldn't work.

The love birds admitted they were surprised with their intense romance and promised to try to make long distance work.

Over in the East Side, Rosie bumped into Jules and girlfriend, Jana, at the same cupcake shop that he took her on their first date.

The polyamorous dater apologised to Rosie about not being upfront with her about his unorthodox dating style.

That night, Louise and Binky enjoyed a girly meal at Anna Louise's apartment as they would be leaving for London in the next few days.

Binky revealed that she hoped to never see Alex again and can’t wait to have fun in London when she gets home.


The London boys enjoy their final week in New York

However, she admitted being worried about Louise's intense relationship with Alik and suggested that carrying on their romance across the Atlantic might not be possible.

As Louise worried about leaving her new love, Stevie and Stephanie enjoyed an evening together as they were finally able to get over their drama with Billie.

"You’re so lucky I love you," joked Stephanie as the couple acted silly together.

Unexpectedly, Billie turned up to interrupt their date, telling Stephanie that Stevie revealed to her that he had no feelings for Stephanie.

When Stevie tried to apologise to Billie for leading her on, Stephanie asked for him to leave them alone to talk girl-to-girl, but he refused.

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Romance between Stephanie and Stevie is put in doubt

"There’s a difference between being honest and being vague," highlighted Stephanie, as Stevie’s lies had finally caught up with him.

"Why would I want to date someone whose heart is somewhere else?" said Billie, before Stephanie broke down into tears and hugged the New Yorker.

When Billie left Stephanie, she was later seen enjoying a date with Spencer and the duo decided to spend the next few days together until he left later that week.

On their final day, the cast members enjoy a boat party, hosted by Mark Francis, on the Hudson as the sun set behind the New York skyline.

As the wealthy elite sipped on champagne, Alik joked to Jamie that all of the friends were finally hooking up, including Proudlock and Lucy.

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The castmates enjoy their final night in NYC on a boat at sunset

Not knowing that Jamie and Lucy once dated
, the fashion designer was apologetic of revealing Proudlock and Lucy’s secret kiss before Jamie rushed off to find his friends.

As he confronted them, Proudlock and Lucy admitted to kissing several times when they were drunk, which evidently upset the Candy Kittens entrepreneur.

"Your morals are a joke," Jamie said to Lucy, as she smiled at the awkward situation.

As the night progressed, love was in the air as Billie said she wants to visit Spencer in London and Alik revealed that he’ll figure out a way of seeing Louise.


The London elite enjoy their final night together partying

"I’m 100% to making it work," they said before admitting that they loved each other.

Meanwhile, Stevie and Stephanie said that they were finding it difficult to get over each other.

"All I want to do is make you happy," said Stevie before admitting that despite the upset, their relationship was worth pursuing.

As the castmates bid farewell to their loves and luxury in the Big Apple, the next series promised to be drama-packed.

Louise's former flame, Andy, is seen meeting Alik before admitting that he still had feelings for her, Alex admits that seeing Binky move on is difficult and Proudlock and Lucy continue their romance back in London.

The next series of MIC is coming soon on E4.

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