Beverley Callard on losing her 'work sister' Anne Kirkbride

The cast of Coronation Street have been learning how to cope with the loss of one of their stars, Anne Kirkbride, who passed away in January of this year. But for one actress Anne's death is still proving to be raw and heartbreaking.

Beverley Callard, who plays Liz McDonald in the ITV soap, was a dear friend of Anne's and remained close to her on and off set.

Beverley opened up about returning to The Barlows' house for the first time since Anne passed away, where Anne spent years filming in her role as Deirdre Barlow.


Beverley Callard (left) said it was difficult losing her "work sister" Anne Kirkbride (right)

"I did my first scene in The Barlows' living room last week and that was the first time since Annie had died and we're beginning to talk about the demise of Deirdre," said Berverley, speaking to Lorraine live from the cobbles.

"And my husband said to me, 'How will you feel about this?' and I said 'I'll be fine because we're not talking about Annie, it's pretend, we're talking about Deirdre.'

"Suddenly I walked into The Barlows' and I was so taken over with emotion, and it was really, really difficult to do and I've not found that before."

The actress said she was "taken over with emotion" going back on set

Beverley, 58, added: "I miss everything about her. People used to call us the 'work sisters' because we were just always together but even in private life as well. We both used to go to Spain together with our husbands and I truly miss her every single day."

Anne passed away on 19 January following a short battle with breast cancer. The late star had spent 42 of her 60 years alive on the set of Coronation Street, taking on the role of Deirdre as a teenager.

Anne Kirkbride (left) died at the age of 60 in January

Last month reports surfaced, claiming that Anne's character would be written out of the show in a storyline fitting for the much-loved actress.

"It will be the equivalent to a state funeral in soap terms," a source told The Sun. "All the current cast will be there and there may be some old favourites brought back to pay their respects. Filming it will be incredibly tough for the actors. They were all so close to her as a person that they'll be thinking of her – and her passing – on the day."

The on-screen funeral will also offer cast members the opportunity to say their goodbyes to Anne, as many weren't aware, expect for Beverley, that Anne was ill during her sabbatical from the soap.