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Great British Bake Off week 7: Hipster's picnics, soft fillings and mousse meltdowns

11876122 low_res the great british bake off 2016
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Welcome to Dessert Week! The competition heated up both metaphorically and literally in week seven of The Great British Bake Off as the six remaining bakers struggled to keep their creations standing due to the warm weather in the tent.

So which baker rose to the challenge, and who had a total meltdown? Read our recap to find out!


11876083 low_res the great british bake off 2016© Photo: BBC

The competition heated up in week seven 

Task one: Roulade

The bakers were first tasked with rolling out roulade, with some (ahem, Andrew) hoping to make up for just about scraping by on last week's episode. With rolling the roulade being a particularly tricky yet important part of the task, the bakers were marked by judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry on the success of their creation.

While Candice seemed to be in her element with her 'crowd pleaser' roulade, incorporating her dad's favourite white chocolate flavour with raspberries with Mary overseeing the action, telling her she "knows it looks good", the final display wasn't all good, with Mary saying that the "filling [was] soft…but scrumptious". However, viewers on Twitter seemed more delighted that Candice's trademark bold lipstick was back.

 Tom's 'Millionaire Roulade' also didn't do too well, with the judges criticising its appearance.

Meanwhile, Selasi, Andrew and Jane's bakes did particularly well, with Paul calling Andrew's tropical holiday roulade "delicious" as "it melts in the mouth".

However, the judge wasn't as enthusiastic about Jane's chocolate and hazelnut concoction while, on classic form, Mary "liked the little tipple" of alcohol, leading fans of Twitter to joke about Mary's fondness of adding alcohol to her desserts with one writing: "Every episode of #GBBO: Paul: 'the alcohol is ruining it, I can't taste anything else' Mary: 'this is the best thing I've ever eaten.'" 

"Mary Berry's famous wink at the mere mention of alcohol in a contestant's bake is the highlight of #gbbo," another added. 

Task two: technical marjolaine

Mary chose a pudding that literally not one of the bakers had ever heard of for the technical challenge, leading the notoriously tricky Paul to call her "cruel" in her choice. The Twittersphere delighted in teasing Mary for her choice, with many refusing to believe the complicated dessert actually existed.

Although most bakers managed to make the bake without too much difficulty, Mel was sworn to keep Andrew's cracked marjolaine secret to the grave as he hid his mistake with the different layers, and went on to win the challenge with a "neat" bake with "good even piping".

11876122 low_res the great british bake off 2016© Photo: BBC

Andrew won Star Baker of the week

Candice finished second, with a "well finished" marjolaine with a "nice crunch in the meringue", while Benjamina came third, Jane fourth, and Tom fifth with Selasi coming in last place with a "chewy" creation.  

Task three: Show stopper

The show stoppers sent Twitter into a frenzy as the bakers struggled to keep their mini mousses and cakes standing straight, leading to perhaps the most intense show stopping bake of the competition yet. Fan favourite Selasi's chocolate and mint mini mousse cakes hit a disaster after refusing to set (and, erm, being bright green) but his lemon raspberry and passion fruit saved the day, with the judges calling it a "lovely" combination of flavours. However, his close call left fans tense, with one writing: "Come ON SELASI. This must be what being a football supporter feels like. #GBBO," while another wrote: "sorry i haven’t tweeted I’m literally on edge #GBBO." 

Tom made a "Hipster picnic" which didn't go down well with the judges due to its "heavy" mixture with Mary saying: "I think your idea's fantastic, on another challenge."

Candice's blackberry and chocolate mint cake needed "a stronger fruit flavour," while Benjamina's fell victim to the heat of the tent, with Paul pointing out that her apple crumble moouse cake was "pouring all over the top". However, the judges lauded her flavours, with Mary saying: "I think I'm going back in for another bit!"

Jane was praised for her beautiful chocolate coffee and vanilla jonconde cakes and blackcurrant and vanilla ombre mousse, but Andrew's creation was the best on the day, with his mousse looking "gorgeous" tasting "delicious" with the "sponges baked perfectly".

Andrew was named Star Baker of the week, while Tom was the latest contestant to leave the competition, despite winning Star Baker twice throughout the competition. 

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