Here's what the Home Alone kids look like now

Emmy Griffiths

Home Alone is such a classic Christmas film, and so for everyone who loves to watch Kevin's shenanigan over and over again during the festive period, it's like Kevin's family are our family. But since the film was released in 1990 (26 years ago!), it goes without saying that Kevin and his brothers, sisters and cousins aren't children anymore! So what happened to the younger cast members of Home Alone after they got home in time for Christmas?! 

Macaulay Culkin - Kevin McCallister


Since briefly retiring from acting at the age of 14, Macaulay was a regular voiceover artist in Robot Chicken and most recently made an appearance as himself on sitcom The Jim Gaffigan Show.

Devin Ratray - Buzz McCallister


Kevin's bully brother has a thriving acting career, and most recently appeared in The Lennon Report and Masterminds, with two more projects lined up for 2017. Speaking about the impact Home Alone had on his career during an interview with Complex, Devin said: "Being in Home Alone always helps. It certainly does, you know, [because] people can instantly [have] name recognition and face recognition, and they recognise the movie and now instantly remember my part, which at least gives validity to future projects or auditions I go for. Of course, you know, it was a quarter of a century ago, so I’m a totally different person." 

Hillary Wolf - Megan McCallister


You got it - Kevin's mean older sister Megan went on to become a Olympian in judo for Team US for the 1996 and 2000 Olympics! 

Kieran Culkin - Fuller


Macauley's real life little brother and fellow actor played Kevin's cousin Fuller in the film, sporting some pretty good (and VERY 90s specs). Since then, the now 34-year-old has had a thriving career, with roles in Scott Pilgrim vs the World and TV show Fargo. 

Mike C. Maroona - Jeff McCallister

mike .

The little delight who called Kevin "a disease" is now a MUCH better big brother and takes part in a podcast called 'Danny and Mike'! He was also quite a successful child actor, and played the older Pete on Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete & Pete. 

Angela Goethals - Linnie McCallister


The 39-year-old has had roles in TV show 24, Grey's Anatomy and CSI since appearing as Kevin's older (and pink-favouring) sister. 

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