Coronation Street spoiler still for August

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy has brush with death while Sally sets up Sophie

Here's everything you need to know about the latest spoilers from Coronation Street

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Will it ever just be calm in Weatherfield? Spoiler alert: nope! Next week's Coronation Street sees Bethany finally discovering Billy's secret, a furious Gail discovering that David is welcoming Audrey and Lewis into his life , and Jack being left underwhelmed by his welcome home party. Get all of the Corrie spoilers below...

Monday part one

When the cotton mill cancels at the last minute, Mary's forced to move Jude and Angie's vow renewal to Speed Daal. Everyone is oblivious to Jude's nerves at the ceremony, and when Imran arrives with an unsuspecting Angie she's horrified and orders Jude into the kitchen. As he lies that Mary sprung it on him too, Jude begs Angie to play along for Mary's sake, but will she agree?


When Carla realises Sinead has used factory offcuts to alter Cathy's coat, she orders her to work overtime to pay for the material. Daniel apologises to Carla, and asks her not to punish Sinead as she's pregnant, and so Carla cancels the overtime and keeps quiet about the pregnancy, but when Sinead sees Daniel kissing Carla on the cheek, will she jump to conclusions?

Meanwhile, Jack is underwhelmed by his welcome home party and is even disappointed when Tommy Orpington arrives. The party breaks up after Jack heads to bed. Elsewhere, Peter tells Simon how proud he is of him for standing up to Tyler in court but when he gets off with a slap on the wrist, Simon fears he'll come after him. Tyrone tells Fiz he isn't going to his mum's will reading.


Monday part two

When Roy gets stung by a bee and struggles to breath, a passing Ali produces an epi pen to revive him, and goes to his office to get more. When Roy wakes up, he sees Jude and assumes he saved him, thanking him, and Jude fails to mention Ali's involvement. As praise is heaped on Jude in the Rovers, Angie tells him she's proud of him. But when Ali arrives will he reveal the whole story?


Sinead confronts Carla about her kissing Daniel, but then reveals she is bleeding. Carla takes her to hospital. Meanwhile, Tyrone's upset that Jack's party was a flop but Kevin thanks him for trying, and also thanks Sophie for all her support. Realising the importance of family Tyrone tells Fiz he's decided to attend Jackie's will reading, even though she had nothing to leave. Elsewhere, Paula welcomes Sally's idea to introduce her daughter Isla to Sophie.


Wednesday part one

Sophie and Isla are mortified at being set up by their mums just because they're lesbians, and Sally is in turn disappointed over her failed match-making. However, Sophie has attracted somebody's attention when Paula calls at No.4 and makes it clear she's interested in Sophie herself!

At the will reading, Tyrone's surprised to see the other beneficiary is his dad Darren. The solicitor hands Darren a worthless ring and Tyrone a box of all Jackie's worldly goods. Among the tat he finds a videotape saying sorry to him. Fiz borrows Roy's VCR but when the tape snaps Tyrone is devastated that he'll never hear Jackie's last words to him. Suspecting he knows what was on the video, Fiz summons Darren to the house.

When David discovers Max has been using his bank card to fund on online football league game, and that Aadi gave him the idea, David is fuming and confronts Dev. Meanwhile, when Shona jokes that Jude should become a paramedic, he actually starts thinking about it.


Wednesday part two

Paula tells Sophie she's bisexual and Sophie kisses her, but how will Paula respond? Sally worries that Gina has Kevin in her sights and decides to host a dinner party so she can pair him off with Paula. But Paula only has eyes for Sophie and Gina for Tim!


David and Dev enter an online gaming feud with both funding their son's virtual football accounts, determined their child will win. Jude tells Mary he's considering training as a paramedic. Angie contemplates her future with Jude. Sinead's offended when she realises Daniel thinks her family is stupid.

Friday part one

Steve's mates throw him a surprise stag do in the Rovers, he's soon handcuffed to the bar as his dad Jim McDonald walks into the pub! Elsewhere, Bethany witnesses Billy handing money to homeless Frank and worries that he's back on drugs, and so follows him to Weatherfield General where she's horrified to discover his secret - he's visiting Josh.

Toyah locks herself out of her flat and so is forced to borrow some of Tracy's old clothes from Peter for her first day at the medical centre. Elsewhere, Sally's puzzled to find Sophie and Paula enjoying a drink together, is she onto them?

Friday part two

Telling Jim he wants nothing to do with him, Steve storms out, but Jim begs for a chance to explain himself. As Liz brings Jim up to speed on Steve and Michelle's split and his relationship with Tracy, she agrees to talk to Steve for him. Billy explains to Bethany how he feels responsible for Josh's injuries and how he thinks he can help him repent. Accusing him of betraying David's trust, Bethany returns home to break the news to David but can't bring herself to when she sees David playing happily with Max. She agrees to keep Billy's secret so long as he stops visiting Josh.


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When Simon reckons Peter is softening towards Toyah, Carla tells Michelle she intends to play matchmaker between them, hence removing the temptation to get back with him herself! Elsewhere, Sophie's stunned when Paula agrees to Sally setting her up with Kevin. She tells Sophie she only intends to go on one date with him simply to appease Sally. Gail's furious to discover David has invited Audrey and Lewis for dinner.

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