Coronation Street spoilers: Rana and Imran cope with their loss, Sally's case has a breakthrough, Sean's secret is out

Coronation Street viewers have got quite the week ahead of them!

Emmy Griffiths

Coronation Street viewers have got quite the week ahead of them, with plenty of drama unfolding in Weatherfield. While Rana and Imran cope with the loss of their father, and Rana struggles with telling her mother the truth about Kate, Eileen begins to suspect that Sean might not be telling the whole truth about his living conditions. Meanwhile, Sally discovers an incriminating piece of evidence that could help her case – but will she be able to prove her innocence? Elsewhere, Gail worries about Audrey, unaware that she is back in touch with Lewis.

Monday part one

Rana admits to Kate that she's not going to tell her mum the truth about their relationship as she doesn't want to ruin her dad's funeral. Having enjoyed a night with Imran, Leanne's disappointed when he admits he was using her as a distraction following his dad's death. On the way to the funeral, Imran is furious to find they're sharing a car with his ex-wife, Sabine.


Eileen worries about Sean to Billy, who promises that he'll ask around and try and find out where he's living. Carol tells Sean to meet her where there will be a food van for the homeless. When Billy calls at the Red Rec with supplies for the food van, he's confused when he sees Shaun there.


Geoff wants to help Sally and Tim sort out their differences, so throws a BBQ. At the barbeque, Dev rescues Aadi's ball from the conservatory roof, discovering a mobile phone hidden in the gutter. Sally, Tim, Dev, Gina and Geoff look at the mobile phone with horror, and realise it's the burner phone the police are looking for.

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Faye announces she is moving back to Weatherfield but is upset to see how close Emma and Seb are. Meanwhile, Johnny agrees that they'll throw a big party to celebrate their takeover of the Rovers to make Jenny happy. Mary insists that Jude play a game of word association with her, which is clearly wedding themed, but Jude remains oblivious. Meanwhile, Audrey tells Claudia how she visited Lewis, he told her he loves her and she reckons he's a changed man, but Claudia is sceptical.


Monday part two

Sally realises that Duncan must have planted the phone to incriminate her and is shocked. While Gina thinks they should dispose of it, Geoff calls the police and hides the phone under a plant pot. Sally and Tim let the police in and take them to the phone but it has disappeared. Rather than admit he's homeless, Sean lies to Billy making out that he's become a volunteer and he's here to help serve the food but Billy isn't convinced. When Carol arrives at the food van, Sean makes out she's someone he used to work with, but will Billy believe him?

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Audrey decides to give Lewis another chance, but lies to Gail, telling her that she has won a cruise and will be away. Imran apologises to Leanne for his actions, and is impressed when Sabine comes in demanding money in the divorce and Leanne introduces herself as his PA, saying she will have to make an appointment. Meanwhile. Johnny agrees to Jenny's plans to refurbish the Rovers.

Wednesday part one

Johnny and Jenny are pleased with their names above the door, and spread the word that they are going to turn the Rovers into a gastropub. Michelle and Robert are worried. With David back from Barbados with the kids, he and Gail quiz Audrey about her cruise. When Gail discovers that the ship Audrey claims to be on was scrapped months ago she grows suspicious.


Carol is angry when Sean scares off a punter she is trying to sell herself to, and later finds herself in danger when she collapses in the park having been attacked. Billy helps Sean take her to the hospital where he breaks down and admits to Billy that he is homeless. Paula tells Sally and Tim that the phone matches the burner phone and Gina's actions have only made things worse. Sally forgives her, knowing she meant well. Meanwhile, Billy visits Josh and tries again to get him to admit to his sins.

Wednesday part two

Sean admits everything to Billy, and reveals that he couldn't ask for help as everyone had things going on in their own lives. He's angry when Billy gets Eileen to come to the hospital, insisting that he doesn't want their charity, but Carol gives him food for thought when she warns him not to turn out like her. Eileen and Billy feel terrible that they let Sean down, and are delighted when he arrives back on the street and says he needs help, with Billy offering Sean his sofa.


Gail is worried about Audrey and says she is going round to the house, but Claudia texts Audrey to warn her. Audrey gets the message just in time to see Gail peering through the window as she and Lewis share a romantic meal. How will Gail react to what she has witnessed?

Sally, Paula and Gina enjoy a laugh together in the Bistro, but Sally's irritated when Gina tells Paula how Sally used to idolise her at school. When Paula reveals her daughter's just split from her girlfriend, Sally delightedly suggests they should set her up with Sophie. Robert and Michelle ask to see the work at the Rovers but Johnny and Jenny say they'll have to wait till the grand reopening. Gemma and Henry are thrilled when Johnny and Jenny agree to employ them at the Rovers when they re-open. As they celebrate in the street, they fail to spot two sinister-looking men watching Henry.

Friday part one

Johnny and Jenny enjoy fuelling speculation about their changes to the Rovers but they won't let anyone to have a preview before the big relaunch night. They finally throw open the doors of the Rovers and everyone files inside to see the new changes. Henry watches Rita put a cheque for £15k in a draw, from an annuity that has matured, and then is accosted by two heavies who insist he repays Cressida's family £20k for the wedding. Back at the flat he rifles through the drawer, but will he steal the cheque?


Embarrassed by her drunken behaviour the night before, Dev is off with Gina and when she arrives dressed to the nines for the golf club dinner, he tells her they are not going. Gail tells Audrey to choose between her and Lewis as Audrey begs her to give Lewis her blessing. Gail tells David that Audrey has fallen under Lewis's spell, so David summons Audrey to the salon and locks the door behind her. Audrey's outraged when Gail appears from the back, declaring she's staging an intervention.

Sean casually asks Carla if she's hiring machinists, pretending to have a friend in need of a job. Carla invites Sean to pass on their CV. Carol's discharged from hospital and Billy reveals he's found her a place at a clinic. Elsewhere, Maria admits to Claudia she's hit a snag raising her funds for the salon and asks for more time, and Claudia agrees to think about it. Feeling in the way at Billy's now Sean is staying over, Emma searches for a flat and Maria invites her to move into her spare room.


Friday part two

The regulars are amazed at what they find when they enter the Rovers. Liz watches sadly as Johnny and Jenny pose for the photographer outside. Johnny and Jenny announce a lock in and send Henry to the cellar to change a barrel, but a scream is heard and Henry is discovered with a broken arm and a plan to sue Johnny and Jenny. Henry learns that Rita has promised to invest in Maria's business. When he gets a text photo of a sledgehammer he even contemplates stealing from the Rovers till but is thwarted by an oblivious Johnny.


Gina realises that Dev is ending the relationship and is touched when Tim fetches her things from Dev's and tells her she can stay at theirs. Meanwhile, Sean gets his job back at the factory but is saddened when he and Billy can't find Carol anywhere after she is discharged from hospital. Emma moves her belongings into Maria's flat. Still locked in the salon, Audrey refuses to back down over Lewis. Realising they aren't making any headway, David releases Audrey, leaving Gail frustrated.

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