5 questions we have after watching the Frozen 2 trailer

Who are the two new characters?

The new trailer for Frozen 2 premiered on Wednesday, and showed Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf the snowman go on a new adventure – this time in autumn – a huge departure from the first season's wintery landscape! Although the trailer is only two minutes long, it has already sparked a huge discussion with fans. Here are the five main questions we have after watching the Frozen 2 trailer…

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Why have the gang left Arendelle?

Unlike the first Frozen film, where Anna leaves Arandelle to go and help bring her sister home after she accidentally changes the seasons in her Kingdom, the second film sees the gang leave their home to go on a new, unexplained journey where they appear to be in a world of autumn after a series of strange snowflake symbols appear to Anna.

Who are the new characters?

Fans were delighted to spot a glimpse of two new characters, a boy and a girl, appear for a split second in the film. Since Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K. Brown were reportedly joining the cast, viewers have speculated these two will be their characters. However, people are torn trying to work out the identity of the new female character. While some people believe that she is Anna and Kristoff's daughter, due to her similarities with Anna, others believe that she might be Elsa's girlfriend. One person wrote: "Listen, this is Elsa's girlfriend and she has autumn powers. That's it, that's the tweet. Thank you for coming to my ted talk."

Why is Elsa trying to run over water?

The trailer opens with Elsa determinedly trying to run through huge waves while using her ice powers, but failing every time she is unable to break through a large wave. But why is she even trying in the first place? Some fans have also speculated that Anna and Elsa might be trying to find their parents, who were presumed dead in a shipwreck in the first film.

What is the plot going to be about?

Thanks to the mysterious snowflake symbols in the trailer and poster, some fans think that the four symbols in the snowflake symbolise a different season. One person wrote: "Maybe it's like the four superpower folks have to find each other to save the world." Josh Gad, who plays Olaf, hinted that the symbols certainly do have meaning, writing: "you look hard enough, this teaser poster will reveal quite a few surprises (like how pretty a snowflake is up close)." Viewers have also speculated that the film may have something to do with global warming, which Kristen Bell also seems to have alluded to. Speaking to Radio Times, she said: "This is a deeper story, much like the first one. Without being hyperbolic or dramatic, it’s a story that needs to be told next."

When do we get to find out?

Fans of the film still have a while to wait unfortunately! The film will be released on 22 November in the US and the UK, while Australia will have a little longer to wait as it will air over there on 26 December.