Death in Paradise star reveals 'catastrophe' in season finale

Looks like there's trouble in Death in Paradise

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The Death in Paradise season finale airs on Thursday evening on BBC One, and star Tobi Bakare, who plays Officer JP Hooper in the popular series, has hinted that it won't all be smooth sailing. Chatting to HELLO!, the actor admitted that there will be a "catastrophe" in the final episode, explaining: "You will see how we handle catastrophe. You see us all mesh together again and there is a glimmer of hope happening at the end."


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Speaking about the darker tone of the series, which saw Florence Cassell shot and her fiancé murdered, Tobi added: "It's defiantly been that this season… we got a chance to stretch a bit more than usual - kind of see what would happen when something like that would happen amongst the officers." Shyko Amos, who plays Ruby, also opened up about the finale, saying: "We are going to see a bit more of Madeleine and what she has to offer and who knows what lies in store for that inspector - I don't know… also let's see how much Ruby has learnt if anything in the last eight weeks. Maybe she will solve something?"

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The teaser for the season finale dives straight into action when Jack Mooney and the new sergeant, Madeleine Dumas, find a dead body in the police station, and Jack hints that he needs to step away from the case after speaking to his unhappy daughter on Skype. The introduction of Madeleine has hinted that she may be the person to replace Josephine Jobert, who exited the show mid-way through season eight. Chatting about Josephine's departure from the show, Tobi said: "You hear about these things beforehand. We finally sort of started the show and Josephine dropped me a message, she re-emphasised, I found out from my production first. Josie is very calm, she is no drama, it's really refreshing, and she just gets on with it. She's like the set personal trainer- she goes to the gym all the time." Death In Paradise season eight DVD is available to pre-order now from Amazon and is released next Monday 4th March. 

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