Victoria fans complain after episode one premiere – find out why

Find out why fans weren't best pleased during Victoria episode one

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Victoria season three was back on our screens on Sunday night, but fans have already complained about the plot of the episode being spoiled as the series has already been shown in the US. The series premiered in the US ahead of the UK back in February, and fans took to Twitter to complain during the premiere after fans across the pond gave plot spoilers ahead of it being shown on ITV.


Victoria returned for season three

One person wrote: "Can the Americans [expletive] and not spoil this series for us? The Americans should have never got it first so just be quiet," while another person added: "Oh my. Though I don't comment here often, least of all about television, I can say that Americans felt the same way about Poldark. It would be grand if shows could be released at the same date.

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Fans complained that the plot had been spoilt

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 The show's producer, Damien Timmer, opened up to The Sun about why the series premiered in the US ahead of the UK, explaining: "The truth is terribly boring and simple and really quite uncontroversial, which is we delivered the show just before Christmas. ITV have Vera and Endeavour, which has that slot, and as soon as they were finished, [then Victoria airs]. It was available for American audiences in January which is our traditional slot. So we were very relaxed about them getting the premiere, it's incredibly popular there, why would we not? I accept that it upset lots of people." Jenna Coleman stars in the series as Queen Victoria, but recently admitted that it might not be realistic if she was in the role for much longer. She told Radio Times: "There's going to come a point where I have to [to be recast]. The idea I'll be playing Victoria meeting Abdul is not really possible. But it's going to be a hard thing to give over, especially as she gets older."

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