EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Mitchell discovers dark secret about Tiffany and Dennis

Your weekly spoilers for Monday 8 April to Friday 12 April

Hanna Fillingham

EastEnders' dark gang storyline saw Tiffany and Dennis fall under the spell of drug dealer Evie, who enlisted the pair on becoming drug mules. And while Tiffany has finally now got rid of the gang after enlisting the help of uncle Jack – with Evie now in police protection – the teenager is still recovering from the harrowing experience. Tiffany realised that she had been groomed and sexually assaulted by the members of the drug gang, and things only get worse again when next week she discovers that Dennis is still in touch with the gang through Stix. Wanting to protect Dennis, Tiffany soon ends up telling Sharon the truth about their involvement, leaving her furious and accusing Tiffany of grooming her son.


Phil tells Ben the truth about his money situation

Monday 8 April – Ben realises that Phil has no money

Ben makes a shocking discovery about Phil at The Arches, when his dad admits to him that he is broke. Ben later invites Phil over for dinner, and surprises Lola after suggesting to Phil that they can rebuild the Mitchell empire together. Elsewhere, Mel is upset when she hears people talking about Hunter ahead of his trial, and more so when nobody can be persuaded to go with her to the hearing. On the other side of the Square, Tiffany and Jack have a heart-to-heart, and Tiffany is determined to get back to normal. However, she is thrown when Dennis asks her about the gang, and quickly shuts him down – unaware that he has then secretly messaged Stix.


Sharon isn't happy with Tiffany and Dennis 

Tuesday 9 April – Tiffany panics for Dennis

Tiffany worries for Dennis when he tells her that he is going to see Stix, and she tries to persuade him to hang out with her instead. However, after overhearing Sonia and Tiffany joking about babysitting him, Dennis storms off and tells Stix he will meet him after all. When Tiffany finds out, she rushes over to Dennis' house to try and stop him from going. When Sharon walks in on the commotion, she is stunned when Tiffany reveals that Dennis was off to meet a drug dealer. Jay continues to ignore Lola, meanwhile, and Billy steps in to try and help the pair reconnect. Elsewhere, Sonia makes it up to Bex after talking to Martin, but Bex is annoyed when Sonia becomes distracted giving Bianca updates on Tiffany.


Dennis tells Sharon about the gang

Thursday 11 April – Tiffany is accused of grooming

Sharon and Phil are shocked when the find out that it was Tiffany who introduced Dennis to the gang, and it isn't long before Sharon storms over to confront Tiffany. While Sonia and Whitney try to defend Tiffany, they are horrified when Sharon accuses the teenager of grooming her son. Jack then arrives at the house, and warns Sharon off. Sharon later feels guilty and tells Phil she was distracted while he was away, unaware that Keanu is listening in. Fearing that she is about to confess their affair, Keanu walks into the room to end the conversation. Dennis, meanwhile, accuses his mum of not caring when she later tries to talk to him. Elsewhere, Lola breaks Jay's heart by telling him that she just wants to be friends, but when they go for a drink they grow closer. Bex is struggling to concentrate on her studies and tells Martin – who suggests that Kush helps her exercise – much to his surprise.


Mitch meets his grandchildren

Friday 12 April – Chantelle introduces Mitch to her children

Gray surprises Chantelle with a new house – number one – and they head to The Vic to celebrate. There, Chantelle introduces Mitch to his grandchildren – Mia and Mackenzie. Elsewhere, Bex and Kush go on a running session, and Sharon racks her brains trying to work out how to deal with Dennis, and turns to Linda for advice after Phil accuses her of being too soft. Meanwhile, Keanu is horrified when he realises what job Phil has given him. Lola and Jay end up kissing after sneaking off to the E20.

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