EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter fails to return to Walford with his family

Your weekly spoilers from Monday 18 March to Friday 22 March

Hanna Fillingham

EastEnders fans have another exciting week ahead of them, with plenty of twists and turns in store. Linda Carter arrives back to Walford with Ollie, but Mick doesn't return with her. Elsewhere, Ruby has an offer for Phil, while Whitney and Halfway consider their future. Linda, meanwhile, arranges a special celebration to mark the anniversary of Heather's death to help cheer up Shirley. However, things don't go to plan when Phil attempts to make conversation with her by bringing up Ben – Heather's killer. Also in Albert Square, Denise has an unsuccessful interview, but the return of Kim cheers her up, especially when she encourages a new business idea for her.


Mitch takes a record from Patrick 

Monday 20 March – Mitch steals from Patrick

In a desperate bid to get some extra money to buy some new football boots for Bailey, Mitch resorts to desperate lengths by stealing one of Patrick's rare records. Also in the Square, Ruby is devastated after being rejected by Jay, but when Stacey urges Martin to have a word with Jay to try and help the situation, things don't go to plan. After hearing the advice Phil gave Jay, Ruby decides to bring up the past and tells Phil he owes her – leaving him conflicted. Meanwhile, Linda arrives back in Walford with Ollie and tells Shirley and Tina that Mick is staying to spend quality time with Nancy.


Phil has words with Ruby

Tuesday 19 March – Phil gives Ruby a reality check

Phil reflects on Ruby's offer, but Sharon snaps at the mention of Ruby dating Jay reminding Phil what her father did to her and is adamant he tells Jay to steer well clear of Ruby. After Phil returns Ruby's money and gives her a reality check, he reminds Stuart that he is still in debt with him in order to get some more money. Elsewhere, Ruby drowns her sorrows at The Vic, and later conjures up a plan to lure Ross back to Walford, determined to show everyone what kind of a man he really is. Bex turns to Kush when she worries about going to university, and Kush is very reassuring. Meanwhile, Patrick looks for his missing record, and Denise later realises that Mitch is the culprit when she spots him at Winston's musical stall. Denise and Patrick then confront him after they set a trap.


Kim is back!

Thursday 21 March – Kim returns to Albert Square

Denise is feeling down after a failed job interview, but is cheered up after Kim returns from Scotland. Patrick is excited when he realises that his record collection is worth a lot of money, and Kim has an idea for Denise to run her own business. Ruby prepares her plan to trap Ross when he arrives back in Walford with Matt, and Ross is confused by her flirty behaviour. And when she admits to him she wants to make him an offer, he is all ears.


The Vic hold a celebration in honour of Heather

Friday 22 March – Shirley mourns Heather's death

Linda feels guilty for forgetting Heather's death anniversary and decides to arrange karaoke in the pub to celebrate her life in a bid to cheer Shirley up. Meanwhile, Phil tries to make conversation with Shirley, but it backfires when he brings up Ben. Elsewhere, Denise tries to convince Patrick to invest in her business idea. However, Mitch soon cottons on and pitches his own idea to Patrick about a barbershop – which one will he choose?

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